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BT Mobile Reward Cards:
how to claim the largest pre-paid Mastercards

Get a pre-paid Mastercard with BT Mobile

The retailers featured on this page may compensate us when our readers follow links to their websites and make a purchase. More

We show you how to get the highest value BT Mobile Reward Cards when you order a SIM only deal or smartphone contract from BT. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide. Last updated: November 1st 2019.

How BT Mobile's Reward Card offer works

The pre-paid Mastercard offer in a nutshell

What can you get?

A pre-paid Mastercard loaded with money
Reward Card values worth between £40 and £80
Spend it anywhere Mastercard is accepted

Which products are included?

All smartphone models (most plans)
Combine with other offers on phones

What terms and conditions are there?

Order by end November 21st 2019 to qualify
Reward Cards need to be redeemed yourself
Offer only open to new BT Mobile customers

Useful links: See offer at |
Read full terms and conditions

Green infoAll offers are subject to change and removal by BT Mobile so please always double check their terms and conditions before you order. All pricing is based on BT Broadband customer £5 discount applying.

The highest value BT Mobile Reward Card this November is worth a hefty £80

Pre-paid Mastercard Reward Cards

Money to spend practically anywhere

We already rate BT Mobile highly because of their reasonably priced SIM only and smartphone plans that get you access to EE's superfast network with the UK's best coverage.

But now there's an extra reason to join BT Mobile online:

Order a selected smartphone plan before the November 21st 2019 23:59 deadline and you’ll qualify for a pre-paid BT Reward Card, a pre-paid Mastercard you can spend practically anywhere.

This week unfortunately there aren't any BT Reward Cards available on SIM only plans. But you can get a free JBL portable Bluetooth speaker worth £119.

Take a look below at which products let you claim a pre-paid Mastercard and the value of the current offers:

Order a new smartphone to claim your BT Mobile Reward Card...

BT Mobile SIM only plans
BT Mobile SIM only deals


Gift Cards

View SIM plans

(opens in new window)

BT Mobile smartphones
BT Mobile smartphone contracts


Reward Cards
up to
in value

See phones

(opens in new window)

The amount of pre-loaded money on the card varies by plan

Reward Cards on phone and SIM only contracts

There's usually Reward Cards on both phones and SIMs

Generally speaking, to get the highest value Reward Card, you'll need to join BT Mobile on one of their bigger, more-expensive plans. At the moment here are the values pre-paid Mastercard available:

£0 Reward Cards on 12-month SIM only plans

£0 - £60 Reward Cards on smartphone contracts

This week on SIM only you can get a JBL speaker worth £119 but no Reward Card. Check back soon if you're keen on bagging a SIM only deal with a pre-paid Mastercard bonus.

In the next section, we pick through each product type and pull out the precise value of card you can claim with new phone contracts.

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SIM only plans

No BT Reward Cards on SIMs this week

Get a free portable JBL speaker worth £119 See speaker offer

(opens in new window)

At the moment, there aren't any Reward Cards available with BT Mobile's SIM only deals.

But they do have an offer running where you can get a portable JBL Bluetooth speaker worth £119 as a thank you for taking out a new SIM plan.

The speaker bonus should be available until 21st November, but could end earlier if stocks run out.

What's nice about this speaker deal is that BT will just send it out to you after your 30-day cooling off period ends, instead of making you go through a fiddly claims process.

Useful link: See qualifying SIM only plans at

Where to next within this article?

Phone contracts

Smartphones have substantial Reward Card values

Pay monthly phones

We've been tracking BT's Reward Card offers on phone contracts since they first started. And this week sees fewer plans included than normal, and Mastercards with decent values.

Order a smartphone in the week ending November 21st 2019 and you'll be eligible to claim a Reward Card most plans, apart from the very cheapest basic ones.

Below we pick through the offer to see what you can get with each make, model and plan:

These Reward Card offers end in  days |  hrs |  mins |  secs

iPhone: Reward Cards on most models

BT Mobile stock all the latest iPhone models, including the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max devices. And a pre-paid Mastercard is available with the majority of models, on most plans.

Claim your Reward Card by ordering your chosen iPhone model on a 1GB plan for a £0 Mastercard, a 3GB one for a £0 reward, 6GB for £40, plus on top models 30GB for £60 and 100GB for a £80 reward.

Each Reward Card can be combined with other offers running on selected iPhone models too.

Useful link: See qualifying iPhone plans at

Every Samsung Galaxy model lets you claim a Reward Card

There's a decent range of Samsung Galaxy phones on BT Mobile to fit most monthly budgets, including the latest Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus models.

Every single Galaxy device qualifies you for the Reward Card offer with the same rules as iPhone:

Order on a 1GB plan for a £0 Reward Card, 3GB for £0, 6GB for £40, and on top-end models 30GB for the largest £60 value.

You can combine the pre-paid Mastercard offer with other offers on BT at the moment.

Useful link: See all qualifying Samsung plans at

All Huawei models are in the Reward Card offer

Huawei phones are stylish, functional and affordable and run on Android. BT Mobile have two models, and they're both in the offer:

Take either the Huawei P20 Pro, Huawei P20 Lite or Huawei P Smart on a 1GB plan for a £0 Reward Card, a 3GB plan for £0, 6GB for £40, or 30GB for £60 on the P20 Pro only.

As with all other phones, you can combine the Reward Card offers with other offers on BT as well.

Useful link: See qualifying Huawei plans at

Don't rule out the Sony Xperia L3 either

Sony Xperia BT Reward Cards


Reward Cards
up to
in value

See Sony plans

(opens in new window)

Last but by no means least is the only Sony Xperia handset in BT Mobile's range, the mid-range L3.

Order it before the deadline and you're able to claim a £0 Reward card on the 1GB plan, £0 on the 3GB and £50 on the 15GB plan.

Useful link: See qualifying Sony Xperia plans at

Where to next within this article?

How to claim

How to claim your BT Mobile Reward Card after ordering

The Reward Card doesn't just get delivered automatically with your SIM or phone order. There are a few hoops you'll need to jump through to claim yours.

Here's a checklist to follow:

1) If you haven't already, order a qualifying phone or SIM from in the offer period
2) Wait until you're at least 30 days into your contract (beyond the period you can return your product)
3) Go to either
4) Log in to your My BT account (you'll have received your BT ID via email when your order was confirmed
5) Fill in your details in the claim form and follow the instructions

Your pre-paid Mastercard should arrive within 20 days of claiming.

IMPORTANT: you must claim your Reward within 3 months of activating your BT Mobile SIM. After that the offer expires and you won't be able to claim.

Useful link: Go to BT's official claim page to see how it works

What you can do with your pre-paid Mastercard

The BT Reward Card you'll receive after you've claimed is essentially one of these pre-paid Mastercard debit cards (with some nice BT branding of course).

It'll come pre-loaded with an amount of credit that you can then use to pay for anything where Mastercard is accepted.

That could be online shopping, purchases on the high street or even paying household bills. It's essentially some free money on a card.

You can't however just rock up to a cashpoint and take out the cash, you have to spend it electronically.

That said, it's practically as good as receiving cashback off BT for signing up to there deals, so we rate this as an excellent offer overall.

Useful link: Full T&Cs for the Mastercard (scroll to bottom of BT's page under link)

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