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SMARTY's hidden offer has expired: no free months currently available

Expired free month offer on SMARTY

There was previously a one month free offer running on SMARTY's SIM only plans. This has now expired. Here's how it worked. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide. Last updated: November 24th 2018.

Offer expired

SMARTY's one month free offer has been replaced

SMARTY's Amazon voucher offer

Amazon voucher for getting a friend to joinSee Amazon offer

(opens in new window)

Unfortunately, it's now too late to get SMARTY's one month free plan offer, as it has been withdrawn from sale. Please do not expect to get a free month automatically by ordering.

There is a replacement offer that can get you a free month's plan though, and you can also get a £10 Amazon voucher on top but you'll need to do a bit of work.

Basically, if you get a friend to also join SMARTY, both you and them will receive one month of your usual plan free (after a validation period). On top of that SMARTY let you claim an Amazon gift card for £10 to say thanks.

The offer lasts only until 31st December 2018, so you'll need to be quick. It works by sending tracked links to your friends, which they must order via. You can read full terms and conditions and more details on SMARTY's website here.

Useful link: How to recommend a friend to SMARTY

How the free month offer worked

Please read: this offer has expired

You can no longer get the original free month on SMARTY offer. This article is for historical reference only, in case the offer ever comes back.

Do not expect to receive a free month on SMARTY.

You got your plan free for a month with SMARTY's hidden offer

One free month with SMARTY screenshot

We had a hidden link to the offer

We already rate SMARTY as one of the best-value mobile networks to join (read our network review here) but for a while they added more value, by giving new customers their second month free.

You payed for your SIM only plan in the first month at the normal price but then SMARTY didn't charge you for your plan in the second month (you did pay for any extra charges you racked up though in the normal way).

The offer ran during September and October 2018. We're not sure whether it will be repeated again.

It was a hidden exclusive discount that you couldn't find by browsing the SMARTY website. You needed to follow our special link below that applied the offer when you go to the checkout.

Useful link: Link removed as offer expired

You got more free months by recommending SMARTY

SMARTY's refer a friend scheme banner

A free month for you and a friendHow it works

(opens in new window)

If you played your cards right on SMARTY, you could actually extend the number of free months you got even further, thanks to their refer-a-friend scheme.

This lets you encourage your friends to join SMARTY's network by sharing a special tracked link to their website by email, text or on social media and is still live as an offer.

If your friend orders via that link, SMARTY will thank you by giving you your next month's plan for free, and giving your friend a free month too.

There's no upper limit to the number of people you can recommend. If you managed to get 12 friends to join, you could conceivably get a whole year free!

Useful link: Read more about SMARTY's refer-a-friend scheme

There are still plenty of other benefits to joining SMARTY

SMARTY's data discount scheme

Get money back for unused dataLearn more

(opens in new window)

Out-and-out cheapness isn't the only thing we rate positively about SMARTY, there are some other decent perks to joining them that we like too.

The main one is their unique data discount scheme. This pays you back for the cost of any data you haven't used from the previous month, so you're never out of pocket for data you've paid for.

You'll also get decent coverage provided via the Three network. This brings 4G to 99% of the places people live in the UK (you can check your local signal here, following this link doesn't get you the hidden deal)

They've now also added free EU roaming to their deals too, which means you'll pay no extra to use your plan's minutes, texts and data when you're on the continent.

Useful link: Read how the data discount works

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