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SMARTY two months free plan offer: how their January sale works

Two months free SMARTY plan

We explain SMARTY's 3 months for the price of 1 offer on all the plans in their January sale and calculate the effective savings over time. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide. Last updated: December 20th 2018.

How it works

3 months for the price of 1 in SMARTY's January sale

SMARTY 3 months for the price of 1 banner

After your first month, the next two are freeGet offer now

(opens in new window)

This latest offer from SMARTY is one of the most generous we've seen from any mobile network. As part of SMARTY's January sale, you'll get two months of your SMARTY SIM only plan absolutely free.

Pick any of SMARTY's 4x deals before the February 4th 2019 deadline to qualify for the offer. Even SMARTY's new cheapest-ever £6.25 1GB plan is included. As well as their other deals with as much as 8GB data.

Whichever plan you pick, you'll pay for your first month as usual. But after that you won't pay anything for your plan in the next two months. Any extras like roaming or premium numbers will still be charged though.

All you need to do to get the offer is arrive on the website from one of their partners like us, and the offer will be automatically applied when you check out. Follow the link below to get started.

Useful link: Pick a plan to get two months free

Here's how that translates into monthly prices on each plan

SMARTY's data discount

Every plan is in the offerSee all choices

(opens in new window)

Because SMARTY's SIM only plans are all on 1-month contracts, you're free to take the free months and leave at the end if you want. Below, we look at the effective cost of each plan depending on how long you stay:

Not paying for months 2 and 3 with the plan above makes its effective cost over 3 months just £2.08 a month. Over 6 months, it's £4.16 a month. Or over a year it's £5.20.

On the above deal, the effective monthly cost spread over 3 months is just £2.50. Over 6 months, it's £5. Or over a full year, it's still only £6.25.

On their 4GB deal, getting 2 months free means that over 3 months, you're effectively paying just £3.33 a month for your plan. Over 6 months it works out to £6.66. Or for the full year, it's £8.33.

Lastly on SMARTY's biggest plan, the January sale offer means you're getting 3 months effectively at £5 a month. Over 6 months, it's effectively £10 a month. And for a full year, it works out to £12.50 a month.

You can actually get even more free months too on SMARTY

SMARTY's refer a friend scheme banner

A free month for you and a friendHow it works

(opens in new window)

If you play your cards right on SMARTY, you can actually extend the number of free months you get even further, thanks to their refer-a-friend scheme.

This lets you encourage your friends to join SMARTY's network by sharing a special tracked link to their website by email, text or on social media and is still live as an offer.

If your friend orders via that link, SMARTY will thank you by giving you your next month's plan for free, and giving your friend a free month too.

There's no upper limit to the number of people you can recommend. If you managed to get 12 friends to join, you could conceivably get a whole year free!

Useful link: Read more about SMARTY's refer-a-friend scheme

And there are plenty of other benefits to joining SMARTY

SMARTY's data discount scheme

Get money back for unused dataLearn more

(opens in new window)

Out-and-out cheapness isn't the only thing we rate positively about SMARTY, there are some other decent perks to joining them that we like too.

The main one is their unique data discount scheme. This pays you back for the cost of any data you haven't used from the previous month, so you're never out of pocket for data you've paid for.

You'll also get decent coverage provided via the Three network. This brings 4G to 99% of the places people live in the UK (you can check your local signal here).

They've now also added free EU roaming to their deals too, which means you'll pay no extra to use your plan's minutes, texts and data when you're on the continent.

Useful link: Read how the data discount works

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