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Three's Go Binge review:
how unlimited streaming data works

Three logo, a phone and a SIM card

The retailers featured on this page may compensate us when our readers follow links to their websites and make a purchase. More

We review how Three's Go Binge service works, the streaming providers like Netflix and Apple Music it covers and the plans it comes on. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide. Last updated: March 9th 2020.

Our verdict

Go Binge is the UK's most comprehensive free data scheme
 (4/5, very good)

Three Endless Bingeing banner

Who wouldn't want unlimited streaming?Get Go Binge now

(opens in new window)

"If you stream a lot of video and music, and normally have to buy a massive plan, getting Go Binge will be a real money-saving bonus for you. Same if the fear of big data bills has put you off streaming video completely.

There's no other scheme on the UK market that covers such a wide range of video/music streaming and social media apps to use data-free, without making you pay a monthly premium on top.

And with the launch of Three's 5G network, data usage from streaming is only going to go up. The super fast data speeds will vastly improve the experience, as well as how fast you eat through your allowance.

Yes it'd be good if some more popular streaming apps like Spotify or YouTube were added to Go Binge. But the current list does include popular services like Netflix and will save customers a massive amount of data."

Useful link: Read Three's full guide to Go Binge

In the rest of this guide

Where to next?

How Three's Go Binge works

Unlimited streaming and social media on selected apps

Three Go Binge banner

Use certain apps without using dataSee covered apps

(opens in new window)

In a nutshell, Go Binge gives you unlimited data to use for particular activities on your mobile. On plans with a fixed data allowance, this means you won't eat into your data, so there's more left for everything else.

Three's page here lists all the apps you can use without using data if you have Go Binge. It covers apps for video streaming, music/audio streaming and some limited social media too (Snapchat only so far).

Being able to stream as much as you like on particular apps is where the real benefit of Go Binge lies. Streaming video is normally the quickest way most people will use up their data allowance.

In the rest of this guide, we look at more of the ins and outs of Go Binge, including any restrictions, what happens when you travel abroad and the data savings you can expect with each app.

Useful link: Three's guide to Go Binge's benefits

You'll need to join on the right Three plan to get Go Binge

SIM card, phone and mobile broadband router

Make sure your plan says it includes Go BingeSee qualifying SIMs

(opens in new window)

You don't get Go Binge with every plan on Three, so you need to choose carefully if you want to get the benefit. You can only get it on their pay monthly plans with 12GB data or (you don't get it on pay as you go).

On SIM only, that means the cheapest way to get Go Binge currently is with this deal:

Although, if you want more data, there's a full range of SIMs here that also get you Go Binge.

If you want a phone contract, the rules are the same. Take any phone on a plan with 12GB data or more and Go Binge automatically comes as a benefit. See Three's huge range of phones here for latest prices and models.

One really handy feature is that Go Binge also comes on Three's mobile broadband products over 12GB (this includes pay monthly data SIMs for tablets and mobile/home WiFi devices too).

Streaming is a lot more enjoyable on bigger screens like tablets, so it's excellent Three's mobile broadband products include Go Binge too.

Choose a product: SIM only deals | Phone contracts | Mobile broadband

Existing Three customers can get Go Binge by changing plan

Three app screenshot

Log in to check if you already have itCheck your account

(opens in new window)

If you’re already a Three customer, it's possible you already have Go Binge, so we'd recommend going into your account to check first under the "existing add-ons" section. Login here at

If you find you haven't got it, you can still get Go Binge by switching to a new plan that comes with it. You'll only be able to do this if you're on 1-month contract or at the renewal period at the end of a longer deal.

You may also have to sign a new contract or move to a more expensive plan to get it.

If you have a 12-month SIM only deal not up for renewal, ring 333 from your Three SIM and ask to change to a new qualifying SIM plan or phone contract (you may need to sign a new contract, which could cost more).

If you're on a phone contract and due for an upgrade, log in to your Three account, choose your new phone on a qualifying plan and you're done.

If you're mid-way through a phone contract, ring 333 from your Three SIM and ask to change plan (this may cost more than your current deal).

Useful link: Log in to your Three account to manage your plan.

Sky Mobile have a similar scheme for their TV apps

Sky Mobile logoSky Mobile Unlimited Streaming banner

Stream Sky's TV apps without using dataRead full details

(opens in new window)

If you've got Sky TV at home, there is a similar alternative to Three's Go Binge, called Sky Mobile Watch. This lets you watch Sky's TV apps on your Sky Mobile phone or SIM without it using data.

That means unlimited streaming on the Sky Go app (live TV and On Demand), Sky Sports app, Sky Cinema and the 9 other Sky TV apps listed here in Sky's help section.

It has the advantage over Go Binge in that it comes on every single plan, including the very cheapest deals with barely any data. On Three, you only get Go Binge on pay monthly plans over 12GB.

All of these deals include free streaming within Sky's TV apps:

Of course, if you don't have Sky TV, you won't find Sky Mobile's streaming offer as appealing. Go Binge works with more services, including music streaming and social media, which you don't get with Sky's scheme.

Useful link: Read our Sky Mobile Watch review

Where to next?

Restrictions on Three's Go Binge

We'd say Go Binge qualifies as truly unlimited in the UK

SIM card, phone and mobile broadband router

Make sure you agree with all terms up frontRead full terms

(opens in new window)

Whenever something is advertised as unlimited, people always tend to wonder what the catch is. Surely there's going to be some sneaky fair usage policy that they're going to get you with if you watch too much?

The Go Binge terms and conditions state that this definitely isn't the case. You can watch and listen as much as you like, via the apps, without being hit by usage limits (you can't use it for commercial purposes).

The only real restriction when it comes to usage in the UK is that you'll need some of your regular data allowance for Go Binge to keep working. This is for net neutrality reasons around how data usage is charged.

It's also important to understand that in-app adverts may use your regular data allowance when they play. We'd say this is for technical reasons about how to measure that data, rather than a deliberate catch from Three.

Useful link: Read full Go Binge terms and conditions

It even works abroad with Three's free worldwide roaming

Flags of countries in Go Roam

Use Go Binge abroad in 71 destinationsSee countries list

(opens in new window)

All the plans that include Go Binge as a benefit also include Three's other big selling point: worldwide roaming in select countries at no extra cost. So is Go Binge still free and unlimited when you're roaming? Yes and no.

When you're roaming within the EU, the data used for streaming via Go Binge will not come out of your normal data allowance. But it does count towards your roaming fair usage limit of 19GB a month. Think of it this way:

If your plan gives you 30GB data, and you streamed 19GB while abroad, you'd still have that 30GB to use when you came back. But you'd have used up all the 19GB you can use roaming in the EU without paying extra.

In Three's inclusive roaming destinations outside the EU, using Go Roam doesn't eat into your normal data allowance or the 12GB fair usage limit there either. But if your regular data usage hits that 12GB, Go Binge streaming will no longer be free.

Overall, we'd say there seems to be a lot to think about if you travel a lot. But these are large amounts of data to be used while abroad and they refresh every month. We'd expect most people won't even notice the limits.

Useful link: Full roaming costs on Three

Where to next?

The apps covered by Go Binge

Netflix will be the most worthwhile app for many people

Unlimited Netflix streaming on Three

Stream all the Netflix you likeHow to get it

(opens in new window)

We'd say the most valuable app to be able to stream without using data on Go Binge is Netflix. There's no other network offering this for no extra cost (VOXI offer a paid monthly upgrade for unlimited Netflix streaming).

It's the best and most-widely known service in the Go Binge lineup, with thousands of ad-free films, TV shows, documentaries and comedy. Have a look at Netflix's range of programming here on their website.

Go Binge doesn’t include a free Netflix subscription. So if you’re not already a subscriber, you’d need to buy a subscription, which currently range between £5.99, £8.99 and £11.99 for non-HD, HD or Ultra HD quality.

An hour of streaming Netflix in HD on your mobile would normally use 3GB data. So it's easy to see how quickly the data savings can add up. An hour a day for a month would be 90GB.

Useful link: More about streaming Netflix on Go Binge

The TVPlayer app would normally get through a lot of data

Stream History and Dave via TV Player on Three

Stream live TV on your mobileLearn more

(opens in new window)

The next most data-hungry app on the scheme is TVPlayer, which lets you stream up to 80+ TV channels live on your mobile (depending on which package you choose).

The only two channels on TVPlayer which are included in Three's Go Binge scheme are Dave and History.

Being limited to these two channels makes free streaming on this app unlikely to be a game changer for any customers, but again it's a nice perk for those that do watch them.

An important note with TVPlayer on Go Binge is that only streaming within that app will be data-free. If the app directs you to other services like BBC iPlayer for on‑demand viewing, it'll come out of your data allowance.

Useful link: Full details on TVPlayer streaming with Go Binge

SoundCloud is the most popular audio streaming app on it

Soundcloud streaming on Go Binge

Less data per hour than video streamingHow it works

(opens in new window)

In terms of worldwide listener numbers, the most popular music and audio streaming service to be featured on Go Binge is SoundCloud. It's also free (but supported by ads that may use your data allowance).

It's a bit different to the other music streaming apps on Go Binge, because a large proportion of the 200 million songs on there are from new, upcoming and undiscovered artists, who upload to the service.

In terms of data usage, their premium SoundCloud Go+ streams at 256 kbps quality, which would use 115MB data in an hour. Their standard free service is at a lower 64 kbps, which would only use 21MB data an hour.

So on its own, the data savings on SoundCloud with Go Binge probably won't be massive, unless you're listening multiple hours a day. But free is free. And combined with other apps on the scheme, it all adds up.

Useful link: Three's guide to free Soundcloud streaming data

Apple Music is in Three's list of unlimited streaming apps

It's a paid service with free trialsSee latest pricing

(opens in new window)

After Soundcloud, we predict the next most-used music streaming service covered by Go Binge is Apple Music. And we'd say the data savings could be higher than Soundcloud's standard service.

Although Apple don't publish the streaming quality. We expect it to be between 128 kbps and 256 kbps, depending on the settings you chose. That equates to between 57.5MB to 115MB an hour.

If you listened to Apple Music for a couple of hours a day that could add up to over 6GB data, if it was coming from your regular allowance.

Take a look at Apple's page here about Apple Music. It features 100 million songs, playlists and suggests recommendations for you. It works on Android as well as iPhones. It's priced between £4.99 - £14.99 a month.

Three's rival EE also have a data-free service for streaming Apple Music, which only lasts for 6 months. But EE also includes the subscription during that time too.

Useful link: Free Apple Music streaming on Three

Deezer's lossless service could use up the most data

Stream Deezer without data limits

Bigger data savings with better quality audioWhat is Deezer?

(opens in new window)

If you don’t know Deezer already, it’s essentially a music and audio streaming service that’s extremely similar to other well-known services such as Spotify or Apple Music.

It offers over 53 million music tracks, podcasts and audio books. And the app works on most devices and offers both a free and premium service (learn more about plans and costs here).

The free service lets you listen to unlimited music and audio on your mobile but essentially only in shuffle mode. That means you can’t choose particular songs. You’ll also be made to listen to adverts every now and then between songs, which may use your regular data.

Their premium service removes the adverts, gives you better quality audio and lets you pick and choose precisely what you want to listen to without forcing you to shuffle between unchosen songs and costs £9.99 a month.

With Deezer's Lossless service, we estimate you'd normally get through 633MB of data an hour (38GB a month if you listened for 2 hours a day). On their standard service, the saving will be much less.

Useful link: Three's guide to Deezer

SnapChat is now in the Go Binge scheme too

Three unlimited Snapchat banner

It's the only social media app on Go BingeWhat is Snapchat?

(opens in new window)

Since Three first launched Go Binge in 2017, some of their competitors have been launching unlimited social media data schemes (read our full guide here). Three have now responded:

If you take a plan with Go Binge included, or are already on one, you'll now be able to use the Snapchat messaging / social media app, without it eating into your data either.

Social media apps use up less data than video streaming, so unlimited Snapchat isn't as valuable as Netflix etc. But it's still a free bonus on top.

If you're not sure what Snapchat even is, take a look at Three's guide to messaging app here for more info.

Useful link: Get unlimited Snapchat on Three

Could more apps be coming to Go Binge in future?

Collage of app logos

None of these popular apps are covered

In terms of popular streaming apps, there are some big names that don't feature on the list of data-free ones on Go Binge. If there was a few more, we'd be closer to giving the scheme five stars in this review!

Some noticeable absences from the music streaming world are Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Tidal and YouTube Music - none of which are included. Radio services like BBC Sounds aren't on there either.

With video streaming, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, NowTV, BBC iPlayer, Sky Go and many more aren't included. Other than Snapchat, no social media apps are included either (see VOXI for Endless Social Data).

Three have left the door open for more services to be added to Go Binge (there's an invitation to providers on their page here). It'll be interesting to see how Three react to Sky launching their own Watch streaming service.

Useful link: Our guide to all free streaming schemes

Where to next?

SIM only deals with Go Binge

Find a deal with Go Binge included

Make sure you filter for deals with 12GB or more and look for "Go Binge streaming" under its features:

Three SIM card
Deal options >
Mins, texts and data >
Data speed (4G or 5G) >
Max contract length >

Close options








Minimum data speed


Maximum contract length

1 month
12 months

Close filters

Choose which networks you'd consider:

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BT Mobile logo
EE logo
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O2 logo
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