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Black Friday SIM only deals: the remaining offers still available

Black Friday SIM only offers

The retailers featured on this page may compensate us when our readers follow links to their websites and make a purchase. More

If you didn't get round to buying a SIM only plan over the Black Friday weekend, don't worry, there are still some offers live. Last updated: 29th November 2022

In our Black Friday SIM only deal guide

There are still plenty of SIM only deals live from the weekend

Montage of previous Black Friday banners

We help you find the genuine dealsSkip to best offers

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday dates may have passed but these days mobile networks tend to start their offers earlier and end them a bit later too, so there are still deals available.

Mobile network mast symbol See each network's best deals still live

Fire icon See remaining deals we rate best overall

Are there SIM only deals on Black Friday?

Yes. Almost every network publishes new offers over the Black Friday period. It's usually the best time of year to buy. Our guide shows you which are genuine.

Is Black Friday a good time to buy a SIM only deal?

Absolutely. If the network you’re looking to join offers unique Black Friday deals, it’s usually the best time to join them.

Are these Black Friday SIM only deals genuine?

That depends on the network. Some offer the same deals that they’ve already offered throughout the year. Some rebrand already existing deals as “Black Friday” deals. We go over which ones are genuine below.

When will SIM only offers go live for Black Friday?

That varies per network. But we have seen some networks starting to offer Black Friday deals up to 3 weeks before the date, while others release them on the actual date.

Will SIM only be cheaper on Black Friday?

It depends on the network and plan. Most providers will pick two or three plans to discount or have at promotional prices. But don’t expect every single deal to get cheaper.

How long will these Black Friday deals last?

Each network keeps their deals up for a different length of time. They’re usually kept up for about two weeks give or take, while some networks keep their deals up for just a couple of days.

The best deals overall

Black Friday SIM only offers

We've broken down the best deals into categories:

Smartphone and internet symbolby data allowance

SIM card with Black Friday ribbon Unlimited data offers

Vodafone impressed us this year

Vodafone unlimited data deal

Get this offer

(opens in new window)

Our original top choice in the unlimited data category was Vodafone's deal below but unfortunately this expired on 28th November:

That means, both SMARTY and their parent company Three now lead the pack with these deals that were already around before Black Friday and will be around going forward too:

Or for an entirely different provider on the O2 network, we really like Virgin's hidden £18 deal here. It's still available and only on a 1-month contract:

If a network's not here, it's because they don't do unlimited data:

Useful link: Compare all unlimited data plans here

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Smartphone and internet symbolby data allowance

SIM card with Black Friday ribbon Deals with 100GB or more

Some absurdly cheap offers this year

Three 100GB offer

See full offer

(opens in new window)

With people using more and more data, we've seen some fierce competition over the Black Friday period for massive data SIMs. Three again set out their stall with this market-leading hidden offer still available:

You can still get this Talkmobile (on Vodafone's full 5G network) offer that's still live from Black Friday period. It costs a little more than Three but it's on a 1-month deal and has 20GB extra:

And once again, for a provider on O2's network, Virgin Mobile have this Black Friday deal that ends on 30th November:

It's not a Black Friday specific deal but to get on EE's full 5G network, 1pMobile's 1-month plan here is hard to beat, given it's cheaper than anything EE are offering themselves, with no commitment:

Here are each UK network's best SIM only plans with 100GB or more data. If their unlimited plan is still cheaper, we'll include it here:

Useful link: Compare all plans

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Smartphone and internet symbolby data allowance

SIM card with Black Friday ribbon Offers with 30GB+ data

Prices below £10 for the first year

Talkmobile 30GB SIM only

Get this deal

(opens in new window)

Once again, it's Talkmobile (on Vodafone's 5G network) with their cheeky .95 prices that have undercut the competition in this category. It's not too late to benefit from this deal:

Or coming in at 5p more a month on the Three 5G network is this from SMARTY, when you order by 4th December:

We also rate this Virgin deal on the O2 network ending 30th November:

You had to be quick to benefit from VOXI's (on Vodafone's 5G) deal here, which ended on 28th November:

To get on EE's 5G network with extras like WiFi calling too, we like this 1pMobile deal here. It's available year-round, on just a 1-month plan:

These are the best current SIM only plans on each network with 30GB or more data. If they've got a plan with more than 30GB that's still cheaper, we'll include it here:

Useful link: Compare all plans

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Smartphone and internet symbolby data allowance

SIM card with Black Friday ribbon Offers with 10GB+ data

Plenty of choices way under a tenner

Virgin 15GB for £8 SIM only deal

See full offer

(opens in new window)

We've seen some aggressive pricing in the category over the Black Friday period. The outright cheapest SIM is once again Talkmobile (on Vodafone's 5G network) with this hidden offer:

Or for a network on Three, try SMARTY's 1-month plan here, which ends 4th December:

To get on the O2 network, this Virgin Mobile SIM only deal compares very favourably (ends 30th November):

Or for a provider on EE, this is a nice year-round deal from 1pMobile, who get access to EE's full 5G network and have all the extras like WiFi calling you'd expect:

These are the best SIM only offers available from each network with 10GB or more data. If there's a cheaper deal that comes with more, we'll show that instead:

Useful link: Compare all plans

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Smartphone and internet symbolby data allowance

SIM card with Black Friday ribbon 5GB or so SIM only deals

Pay as little as £1 a month for your first months

Virgin Mobile 6GB for £5.95 banner

This offer is still live after last yearGet this deal

(opens in new window)

If you're looking for a rock bottom price, Lycamobile on O2's network have got it. But it's worth knowing it only stays £1 for 3 months but after that, it's still only a fiver a month:

Or once again, Talkmobile on Vodafone's 5G network have a very good price here already:

Virgin Mobile can match that when you order by 30th November too on the O2 network:

Or for a deal on the Three network, you've got a couple of options on Three or their sub-brand SMARTY:

If you want at least 5GB with you deal, here's each network's best efforts. If they're offering more data than that for less, we'll still include it:

Useful link: Compare all plans

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Smartphone and internet symbolby data allowance

Black Friday offers and predictions by network

Choose a mobile network

Here's what each provider's offering:

Three logo
ASDA Mobile logo
EE logo
giffgaff logo
ID logo
ID logo
O2 logo
Virgin Mobile logo
Vodafone logo
VOXI logo

Three: tonnes of market-leading offers still live

Three hidden 100GB for £10 offer

This offer is still live after last yearGet this offer

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 14th November 2022
End date: Unknown
Order now or wait: Safe to order

As always, Three hit Black Friday hard. The deals on their main website have been good but you can get an even better prices with the hidden deals they've sent us that take you straight into their checkout.

This 100GB plan is market-leading:

As is their 20GB offer here:

And finally, so is this:

But if you want to see their full range of options, check under the dropdown here:

Useful links: Black Friday roundel Three's Black Friday page | Review hand Our Three review

ASDA Mobile: two Black Friday unlimited data SIMs

ASDA unlimited data sale

Order by 30th NovemberSee full deals

(opens in new window)

Launch date: Months ago
End date: 30th November 2022
Order now or wait: Safe to order

The Black Friday offers on ASDA Mobile only last until 30th November and they've focussed on unlimited data. This deal is market-leading for providers on the Vodafone network and is genuinely usually priced £30:

Their other Black Friday SIM we'd probably steer clear of. It's got a 3G-style 2 Mbps speed limit on it, which will make it unusuable for things like video streaming:

If you don't need unlimited data, don't be too down-heartened smaller plans are not on offer. ASDA already have some of the most-competitive pricing on 1-months SIMs there is. Check the dropdown:

Useful links: See all ASDA Mobile offers | Our ASDA Mobile review

EE: they raised ongoing prices of Black Friday SIMs

EE SIMO deal

6 months half price, then more expensiveSee offers

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 25th November 2022
Predicted end date:TBC

The headline offer on EE is 6 months half price on the plans below. But if you compare these deals to last month, the cost of the SIMs, once the promotional 6 months is up, has actually been increased.

EE's full speed unlimited data SIM here used to cost £31 a month. Now, after the 6 months are up, it will cost you £36 a month going forward:

The same applies on their 150GB plan. Last month, you could get 200GB for £23. Now once the promotional period is up, you'll pay £24 for 50GB less:

If people worry about whether Black Friday deals are not all they seem, this is why. We say you're far better off joining a cheap provider that uses EE's 5G network like 1pMobile, with no comittment beyond 1 month:

Useful links: Black Friday roundel EE's Black Friday page | Review hand Our EE review

giffgaff: they never do anything on SIM only for Black Friday

giffgaff's £5 free credit offer

£5 free credit when you join via our pageGet £5 free credit

(opens in new window)

Launch date:None
End date: None
Order now or wait: Safe to order

As predicted, on SIM only giffgaff have done for Black Friday what they've always done: absolutely nothing. They do have some offers on their phone contracts though.

Why do giffgaff never do anything on SIM only for Black Friday? It's most likely because of the nature of their deals. When they're on 1-month plans, their existing customers can jump to special offer plans whenever.

But if you're looking for a deal sweetener while joining on giffgaff on SIM only, you can get £5 free credit when you top up with £10, by joining via our page here.

Useful links: Black Friday roundel giffgaff's Black Friday page | Review hand Our giffgaff review

iD Mobile: ultra-competitive Black Friday SIMs

iD Mobile SIMO deal

Usually the first network to bring out their dealsSee the offers

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 2nd November 2022
End date: 29th November 2022
Order now or wait? Safe to order

As always, iD Mobile were the first network to launch their Black Friday SIM only offers, way back on 2nd November. And they've tried to hit practically every type of mobile user with an offer.

For big data users, this 200GB deal is market-leading:

And this 70GB plan only gets pipped elsewhere by 5p(!) a month:

But lighter users will find some decent offers on too at the moment, check the dropdown below:

The offers are due to last until 29th November.

Useful links: Black Friday roundel iD Mobile Black Friday SIMs | Review hand Our iD Mobile review

Lebara: a Black Friday SIM for £1.99 a month

Lebara special offer

Decent value year-throughGet this offer

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 15th November 2022
End date: 1st December 2022
Order now or wait? Safe to order

Lebara have done their best to hit the cheapest monthly plan price over the Black Friday period. Join on the plan below and you'll pay £1.99 for your first six months:

And remember, it's only on a 1-month plan anyway, so you're free to compare and leave whenever you like. Although in fairness to Lebara, the £7 full price beats most providers anyway.

That seems to be Lebara's main headline offer. For more deals, see under the dropdown:

Useful link: Our full Lebara network review

O2: 3 months free on 24-month plans for Black Friday

O2 SIMO deal

Get better value on big data dealsSee current offers

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 8th November 2022
End date: 7th December 2022
Order now or wait? Safe to order

As with previous years, O2 have focussed their deals on 24-month plans. They're giving you the first 3 months free on these two plans, when you order by 7th December:

But that's quite a long time paying those full prices (21 months), which are considerably higher than loads of other providers. Over 24 months, the 250GB plan averages out to £19.25 a month, while the unlimited data plan averages out to £24.50 a month. Good for O2 but not world-beating.

What we have seen for a change is O2 putting in some better value mid-range plans than they'd usually have. It's very rare to see O2 compete on this type of deal:

Useful links: Black Friday roundel O2's Black Friday page | Review hand Our O2 review

Plusnet Mobile: a quiet Black Friday this year

Plusnet Mobile logo

We're expecting no offers this yearSee regular plans

(opens in new window)

Launch date: None
End date: None
Order now or wait? Safe to order

Like their parent company BT (owners of EE), Plusnet Mobile have pulled out of comparison websites in the second half of the year, meaning we're not expecting much activity from them over Black Friday.

We're now expecting their SIM only range to remain the same as under the dropdown below.

If true, that will be a bit of a shame as Plusnet Mobile have been somewhere to pick up a decent bargain on SIM only for the past few Black Fridays.

Useful links: Plusnet's SIM only deals Review hand | Review hand Our Plusnet Mobile review

Sky Mobile: a nice entry level plan for £6 for Black Friday

Expired stampSky Mobile SIMO deal

Plus unlimited Sky TV app streaming dataSee current deals

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 11th November 2022
End date: 28th November 2022

Sky had one of our favourite cheap and cheerful small data plans this Black Friday. Their £6 deal practically only ever comes with 2GB (every now and then 3GB) but was boosted to 4GB:

What we liked about it was it also included unlimited data for streaming Sky TV apps on your phone at no extra cost.

Sky's other Black Friday SIM only offer was a nice one for mid-to-high data users. We're not sure this was an absolute record price for Sky ever but it's certainly up there:

Both offers ended on 28th November.

Useful links: Black Friday roundel Sky's Black Friday page | Review hand Our Sky Mobile review

SMARTY: front-runners on lots of plans this Black Friday


Order by 4th DecemberGet this deal

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 8th November 2022
End date: 4th December 2022
Order now or wait: Safe to order

As ever SMARTY are up there with the best value networks during the Black Friday. They're in a bit of duel with Talkmobile for cheapest prices.

One plan SMARTY are defintely winning with is this double data deal, which is available until 4th December and is market-leading:

Or for £1 more you can upgrade to 30GB with this offer:

Or for absolutely massive data users, they've got this one-off 120GB plan:

And that's not even it, under the dropdown, you'll find a few more small data options and a hidden unlimited data deal that we've had a while now.

Useful links: SMARTY's other SIM only plans | Review hand Our SMARTY review

Talkmobile: arguably the best deals on any network

Talkmobile SIM only offer

Money off their 1-month contractsSee current offers

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 15th November 2022
End date: 28th November 2022

Talkmobile seem determined to win out as best-priced plan on every single data amount. They've done this by undercutting all the competition with prices ending in .95! And it's working.

We think this is going to be their headline offer. It launched on 15th November and is only around until 28th November and is market-leading for the data amount:

But if you don't need that much data, check under the dropdown, because Talkmobile have genuinely got every data amount under that covered with a deal at the moment:

We can see this smaller, cheaper plan being incredibly popular too:

Talkmobile now offer WiFi/4G calling and access to Vodafone’s growing 5G network on every plan (read our review of them here), so you’ll get more out of your Talkmobile SIM now than ever before. We think this coming Black Friday will be the best time to join them.

Useful link: Our Talkmobile review

Tesco Mobile: Clubcard Price Black Friday SIMs

Tesco Mobile Clubcard SIM only offers

Unique deals for Clubcard holders onlyGet this deal

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 16th November 2022
End date: Unknown

Being a Clubcard holder on Tesco Mobile means you can get better offers than non-Clubcard holders. If you don’t have one and you’re thinking of joining Tesco Mobile it’s free to get one and is worth doing before you buy (read our review of them here).

If you do get one, you'll be able to benefit from the lower price here during the Black Friday period, which is the lowest-cost O2-based network plan on the market:

Or if you don't need that much data, this plan is reduced by a £1, saving you a modest £24 over the course of your contract:

Tesco haven't let us know when their deals end but they normally cut them off pretty sharpish once Black Friday is done, so don't hang around on these.

Useful links: Black Friday roundel Tesco Mobile's Black Friday page | Review hand Our Tesco Mobile review

Virgin Mobile: a great set of Black Friday SIMs

Virgin Mobile SIMO deal

All last until 30th NovemberSee the deals

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 3rd November 2022
End date: 30th November 2022
Order now or wait? Safe to order

Virgin Mobile are shaping up to be a really good option over this Black Friday period. They've got some market-leading prices for 1-month plans on the O2 network. Here are the best:

The deals are scheduled to expired on 30th November.

Useful links: Black Friday roundel Virgin's Black Friday offers page | Review hand Our Virgin Mobile review

Vodafone: we were impressed with their unlimited data offer

Expired stampVodafone Black Friday SIM only deal

Full-speed, unlimited 5G dataGet this offer

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 25th November 2022
End date: 28th November 2022

Vodafone gave us a nice simple offer this year. No silly 6 months half price or confusing tactics. This expired Unlimited Max SIM at £20 was the lowest we've seen Vodafone ever go:

You couldn't hang around on this. It ended on 28th November and it was genuinely not that cheap the rest of the year. It normally floats around £25 to £35.

Their other headline Black Friday SIM was this 100GB plan for a couple of pounds less. It was decent too but beatable elsewhere on price:

Useful links: Black Friday roundel Vodafone's Black Friday offers page | Review hand Our Vodafone review

VOXI: short and sweet triple data offer

Expired stampVOXI Black Friday deal banner

Unlimited data for streaming music appsUse this offer

(opens in new window)

Compare all current SIM only deals



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