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4G and 5G SIM only deals: compare all plans from every UK network

Compare SIM only plans

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Use our price comparison tool to find your next 4G or 5G SIM only plan. Compare 1-month, 12-month and 24-month deals from each mobile network. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide.

Search 4G/5G pay monthly SIM only deals

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5G SIM only deals

Eight UK networks now sell 5G SIM only deals

5G SIM only price comparison screenshot

Our price comparison tool includes 5G plansCompare 5G prices

using our tool above
(opens in new window)

At the moment, the networks selling SIM only plans with 5G are Three, EE, Vodafone, O2, Tesco and VOXI (and also BT if you have a Halo broadband package, plus Sky if you have Sky VIP or buy a 5G bolt-on for £5).

Here's our pick of the best 5G deals available now:

You'll also need a phone that supports 5G data too for it to work. Even regular top-end models from manufacturers like Apple and Samsung don't support it, unless you've specifically bought the 5G version.

If you have both coverage and a 5G-ready phone, use our price comparison tool above and filter for 5G data only. We'll show you the current SIM only deals available.

Useful link: Compare 5G SIMs now

SIM only deals by budget

The absolute cheapest SIM only deals available

If you're looking for a basic SIM only plan with the lowest monthly cost, here are the 5 cheapest deal options available in the UK today for you:

What you can get on SIM only for £10 a month

Here are five SIM only plan options if you've got around £10 a month to spend on your deal:

The best SIM only deals around £15 a month

If you've got £15 to spend on your SIM only deal each month, here's five options for what you can get:

£20 a month SIM only deals

Spending £20 a month on your next plan can get you any of these five SIM only deals:

SIM only deals by allowances

The cheapest SIM only plans with unlimited minutes

If you want your next SIM only deal to come with unlimited minutes, here are the five cheapest options in the UK right now:

SIM only deals with unlimited data

If you want a SIM only plan where you don't have to worry about any limits to go over for data, here's a look at what's available to you right now:

SIM only plans with 50GB data or more

Here's a look at what's available on SIM only if you're a really heavy data user that needs over 50GB of data to use each month:

20GB+ SIM only deals

If you need a good chunk of data to use each month, here are five options currently available with 20GB data or more on SIM only:

SIM only plans with a medium amount of data

If you're a moderately heavy user of data, here are five SIM only deals we think should fit your needs with 8GB or more each month:

Plans with 4GB or more on SIM only

If you're only looking for a moderate amount of data on SIM only, there's plenty of options available. Here are the five cheapest at the moment:

SIM only plans with 1GB to 2GB data

For quite users who only need 1GB to 2GB there are some really cheap deals available on SIM only. Here's the top 5:

SIM only deals per network

EE's SIM only plans: their best deals this month

EE SIM card
SIM only

a month

The UK's fastest / biggest networkSee latest deals

(opens in new window)

EE are one of the pricier networks to join on SIM only but they do have the UK's biggest and fastest 4G network, as well as extras like WiFi calling and 4G calling (excludes Flex Plans).

At the moment, these are our best-rated EE SIM only deals:

Useful link: Read our full EE review | Compare EE SIMs

O2 SIM only deals: what you get with their plans

O2 SIM only deals
SIM only

a month

Extensive 4G coverageSee latest deals

(opens in new window)

O2 are one of the more expensive networks to join on SIM only. But you do benefit from their extensive coverage, extras like WiFi calling and 4G calling, plus benefits like their O2 Priority reward scheme.

Here are three of their current standout deals:

Useful link: Read our full O2 review | Compare O2 SIMs

Three SIM only plans: the cheapest major network

Three SIM card
SIM only

a month

Great pricing and benefitsSee latest deals

(opens in new window)

Out of the four major networks, Three's SIM only deals are almost always the cheapest. And they throw in nice benefits too like worldwide roaming and unlimited streaming on plans over 12GB.

These are our favourite Three deals at the moment:

Useful link: Read our full Three review | Compare Three SIMs

Vodafone SIM only plans: their best deals this month

Vodafone SIM card
SIM only

a month

Excellent coverage and speedsSee all plans

(opens in new window)

Joining Vodafone gets you on a fast network with extensive coverage but at a premium vs cheaper providers. All their SIM deals apart from Basics come 5G-ready but some Unlimited plans have speed caps.

Here are three of their current standout deals:

Useful link: Read our Vodafone review | Compare Vodafone SIMs

BT Mobile SIM only plans: their best deals this month

BT Mobile SIM card
SIM only

a month

BT use EE's superfast networkSee latest deals

(opens in new window)

It's probably only worth considering BT Mobile if you have their broadband too, so that you get better pricing. Their well-priced deals get you on EE's network, including features like WiFi calling and 4G calling.

These are BT's best current SIM only deals:

Useful link: Read our BT Mobile review | Compare BT Mobile SIMs

giffgaff SIM only plans: their best deals this month

giffgaff SIM card
SIM only

a month

Short deals on O2's networkSee latest deals

(opens in new window)

If you're after a cheap, short-term plan with no commitments on the O2 network, giffgaff are worth a look. And there's no credit check to join them as you pay for their no-frills SIMs up front.

Here's the best of their current SIM only plans:

Useful link: Read our giffgaff review | Compare giffgaff SIMs

iD Mobile SIM only: cheap deals on Three network

iD Mobile SIM card
SIM only

a month

Cheap deals on short plansSee latest deals

(opens in new window)

For a cheap and cheerful SIM only plan, iD Mobile's are always priced some of the lowest on the market. Their short 1-month plans are flexible and come with data rollover and WiFi/4G calling.

We think these are iD's best current deals:

Useful link: Read our iD Mobile review | Compare iD Mobile SIMs

Plusnet SIM only plans: cheap 1-month deals on EE

Plusnet SIM card
SIM only

a month

No frills but on a great networkSee latest deals

(opens in new window)

The main appeal to Plusnet Mobile's SIM only plans is their low cost and the fact they get you on EE's superfast network. Their short-term deals are flexible. And Plusnet broadband customers get improved offers.

Here are the best SIMs from Plusnet for non-customers:

Useful link: Read our Plusnet Mobile review | Compare Plusnet Mobile SIMs

Sky Mobile SIM only: decent prices and benefits

Sky Mobile SIM card
SIM only

a month

Unlimited Sky TV app streaming dataSee latest deals

(opens in new window)

One of the best-value ways to get a SIM only deal that uses the O2 network is to join Sky Mobile. Their plans are well-priced and come with nice benefits like keeping unused data for 3 years and free streaming data for Sky TV apps.

Here are Sky Mobile's current best SIM only deals:

Useful link: Read our Sky Mobile review | Compare Sky Mobile SIMs

SMARTY SIM only plans: no contract deals using Three

SIM only

a month

No commitments, no credit checksSee latest deals

(opens in new window)

For a no-frills, no-commitment and no-credit check way to get on the Three network, SMARTY's low-cost SIM only deals are a popular choice.

These are SMARTY's best deals on SIM only at the moment:

Useful link: Read our SMARTY review | Compare SMARTY SIMs

Tesco Mobile SIM only plans: well-priced deals using O2

Tesco Mobile SIM card
SIM only

a month

Nice benefits for Clubcard holdersSee latest deals

(opens in new window)

Another option to get a well-priced SIM only deal on O2 is Tesco Mobile, with a big range of plans, discounts for Clubcard holders and nice touches like Family Extras when you take out multiple deals.

Here are our favourite SIM only deals from Tesco this month:

Useful link: Read our Tesco Mobile review | Compare Tesco Mobile SIMs

Virgin Mobile SIM only plans: a cheap way to get on EE

Virgin Mobile SIM cards
SIM only

a month

Nice benefits and reasonable pricesSee latest deals

(opens in new window)

If you're looking for a low-cost way to get on EE's network with a SIM only deal, Virgin Mobile are a good option. Their plans come with data rollover, free social media messaging data and discounts on extra plans.

Here are Virgin Mobile's most competitive SIM plans today:

Useful link: Read our Virgin Mobile review | Compare Virgin Mobile SIMs

VOXI SIM only plans: 1-month deals on the Vodafone network

SIM only

a month

Unlimited social media dataSee latest deals

(opens in new window)

For a short 1-month plan using the Vodafone network VOXI's SIM only deals are a good choice and all come with unlimited data for using selected social media apps as standard.

These are VOXI's best priced SIM only deals at the moment:

Useful link: Read our VOXI review | Compare VOXI SIMs

SIM only deals by device

Every network offers the same SIM deals for every device

Phone manufacturers

Every network's SIM will work in any unlocked model

The first thing to note is that every SIM only plan available today is suitable for every single phone make and model. No network gives better pricing or deals for a specific handset - it just wouldn't make any sense.

So whether you're looking for a SIM card to put in an iPhone, Sony, Samsung, BlackBerry or any other make, you don't have to worry about missing out on the best price.

Even SIM card size is no longer a consideration, as every network sends out a 'triple' SIM, which will fit every model of smartphone.

The main consideration is that your phone is unlocked, so that it can be used with any network. If it's not and you're out of contract, your provider will normally unlock it free.

Useful link: Compare deals now

SIM only for iPhone

SIM only for iPhone

Take any SIM only plan for your iPhone

The same applies as above for iPhone SIM only deals: there are no specific plans made just for the iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s or any of the older models either.

Instead, you're free to pick any plan that takes your fancy to put in your Apple device. All of them will work and every network has SIMs in the right size for any iPhone too.

Most providers ship iPhones already unlocked so this shouldn't be a factor. But if yours is locked but you're out of contract, give your network a call and they should unlock it free of charge.

Useful link: Compare deals now

Using a 3G phone with a 4G-ready SIM only plan

3G only phone

3G phones work with deals advertised as 4G-ready

You've probably noticed that practically every SIM only plan available now is sold as 4G ready (Talkmobile are the last 3G-only network). That's because most new devices support faster data.

But what if you've only got a 3G-ready phone, will it still work on a 4G SIM only deal and network?

The answer is yes but you'll still only be able to access the 3G and 2G signal from that network on your phone. This means that you should focus your search on networks with the best 3G signal and ignore their 4G reception.

We've put together the locations of every network's coverage map that you can quickly check under the link below.

Useful link: Compare 3G coverage on all networks

Using phones that don't have mobile internet on SIM only

Phones with no mobile internet

Even phones with no internet can be used

Every monthly SIM only plan at the moment comes with an allowance of mobile data from anywhere between 100MB right up to unlimited data but what happens if your phone doesn't access the internet?

The answer is, you can still pick any of the deals at the top of this page to get the monthly minutes and texts and it could still work out cheaper than Pay As You Go if you regularly makes calls and send texts.

Your phone doesn't have to have mobile internet to use these SIMs.

Work out what you're currently spending a month and then see if you can beat it on a Pay Monthly deal (even if it does feel like you're paying for data you'll never use).

Useful link: See Pay Monthly deals

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