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Standard, micro or nano? Find which SIM card size you need.

Find out what size SIM your phone takes

When you're looking for a SIM only deal, it's handy to know what size SIM card your phone takes, as some networks will want to know when you order. This is so they can send you the right sized one to fit your mobile. So if you don't know what type you need, use our size finder tool to find out instantly.

Search for your phone

Enter the make and model of your mobile below to see what size SIM it needs:

How the SIM size finder works

SIM Sherpa has looked at the technical specifications of literally 1000s of makes and models of phones to see what size SIM card they take and collected the results here for your reference. From the latest flagship models, right back to early classics, the chances are, we can tell you if you need a Standard, Micro or Nano type for yours. Use the search bar above to find out now.

SIM Sherpa can help you find your next SIM only deal

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