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Tesco Mobile Clubcard Prices guide: what discounts you get

Tesco logo and loyalty card icon

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We review what extra benefits you get for joining Tesco Mobile when you've got a Clubcard with them for your shopping. Last updated: 11th January 2023.

In our Tesco Mobile Clubcard guide

Joint benefits for shopping at Tesco and using their mobile service

Screenshot of reduced phone contracts

Get money off your SIM only or phone contract

If you’re a regular Tesco customer, you will have heard of their Clubcard. What you might not have known is that you can get money off your mobile bill with your Clubcard. It’s value on top of value with Tesco Mobile.

You get access to straight up discounts as a Clubcard holder, and you can get vouchers to use on your mobile bill from points collected on your shopping.

The system works best if you’re a loyal Tesco customer as you’ll be getting points on your shopping which you can then use on your phone bill, which also then gives you more points in return.

While it sounds straightforward, there’s a lot to unpack in terms of the how and why. So here, we will go through everything there is to know about Tesco’s Clubcard system and how it benefits Tesco Mobile users.

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Earning Clubcard points

Clubcards are usually for earning points on Tesco shopping

Tesco Clubcard website screenshot

Get 1 point for every pound you spendSee how it works

at tesco.com
(opens in new window)

To get a Tesco Clubcard all you have to do is to register for a Tesco account and ask for one, which won’t cost you a single penny. You’ll either get a physical card, or you can use their app on your phone.

When shopping around in a Tesco store, you’ll earn 1 Clubcard point for every £1 spent. What you might not know is that this applies to Tesco Mobile too, both online and in-store.

The Clubcard points you earn can be turned into vouchers that you can either have delivered to you or can be accessed via their app. The usual exchange rate is 200 points (£200 worth) for £2 off your shopping.

Vouchers are usually given on a quarterly basis. But you can request to get your vouchers within 24 hours with their Faster Voucher scheme using the app.

Useful link: See all the details about this system here

But now you’ll also earn points on Tesco Mobile

Pack of butter and spend less with us wording

Collect points from your monthly billSee how this works

at tescomobile.com
(opens in new window)

As a Clubcard holder you’ll earn points on your monthly bill on phone contracts and SIM only contracts as well as anything else you spend money on at tescomobile.com. This is done at the same £1 for 1 point rate as shopping.

So, if your monthly plan costs you £20, then you’ll be getting 20 points every month. These points you can either save up to get money off your next month, or use in store which then gets you even more points!

To start earning Clubcard points on mobile, you’ll have to connect your account to your Clubcard (here’s how you do that).

You can also earn extra Clubcard points as one of their Family Perks. You can get 50 - 200 points (depends on plan price) if you have multiple users on your account. If each user has this perk you can bank a lot of points.

The more points you earn from your Tesco Mobile bill, the more points you can choose to spend either on shopping or mobile.

Useful link: Tesco’s full guide to collecting Clubcard points

Discounts off Tesco Mobile with Clubcard

Exclusive Clubcard prices on SIM only and phone deals

Tesco Mobile Clubcard Prices

Lower prices for having a ClubcardSee current deals

at tescomobile.com
(opens in new window)

By having a Clubcard you can access lower priced deals on select SIM only and phone deals. Look for the little tag that says “Clubcard Prices”. For phone deals, only certain usage plans are discounted, but it’s made obvious which ones.

Clubcards are free to get. So you can get one just to get these lower prices even if you don’t plan on using the Clubcard for anything else. There’s no downside to doing this.

On SIM only you can get mid-range to large data deals being reduced by around £1.50 - £3 at most. On phone contracts they’ll usually offer slightly older models around £100 - £200 cheaper but only with specific usage plans.

Useful link: See their current best Clubcard prices

Use your Tesco Partner vouchers to get money off your monthly bill

Phone scanning in a Clubcard voucher

50p in vouchers, 50p off your billHow you do it

at tescomobile.com
(opens in new window)

Tesco let you use your Clubcard vouchers to get money off your mobile deal. This means if you have 200 points banked and convert them to Partner vouchers you can get £2 off your bill.

After collecting your first 150 points, you can start to convert your ordinary vouchers to Tesco Partner vouchers in your online account or on the app. You’ll get an email with a voucher code that you need to convert your vouchers.

Now, you can start getting money off your monthly bill. All you have to do is redeem the vouchers at the checkout. To reduce your monthly bill you can do it online or on the app (more info here).

If you manage to get an amount of vouchers that is more than your monthly bill, Tesco will carry over the discount to your next month. The most you can spend at one time is £250, but it’s not likely you’ll get that much.

Useful link: Read their guide to Tesco Partner vouchers

Even more Tesco Mobile benefits to having a Clubcard

Girl on man's shoulders and Clubcard Plus lettering

Double data with Clubcard PlusHow it works

at tescomobile.com
(opens in new window)

You can get even more out of your Clubcard on Tesco Mobile. This includes getting double data with Clubcard Plus:

This is where you pay a monthly fee to upgrade your Clubcard to get 10% off all shopping (up to a limited £40 savings) as well as many other shopping benefits. It also gets you double your usual data allowance on Tesco Mobile.

There’s also the benefit of earning extra Clubcard points as a Family Perk. This means if you add a user to your account you can choose to get Clubcard points every month as a bonus from a selection of benefits.

The amount you’ll get varies from 50 - 200 points depending on the value of your deal. Every user on your account can choose their own benefit, so if you want to you can really maximise how many points you get per month.

Useful link: Tesco’s explanation of Clubcard Plus

Restrictions on your Tesco Partner Vouchers

Screenshot of FAQs

A few things to knowRead all FAQs

at tescomobile.com
(opens in new window)

As we’ve shown above, it takes a bit of effort to get the most out of your Clubcard, but you can make it worth your while in the end. We’d like it if there was an automatic way of exchanging your points for Partner Vouchers.

You can only apply vouchers to your own account. This means if you have other users on your account you’ll be getting the whole bill discounted. But if you have multiple accounts you’ll have to choose which one gets the discount.

Your vouchers can only be applied to the account with the same address your Clubcard is addressed to, but this is more to protect you against fraud than them being sneaky about it.

You can only keep vouchers for up to six months and you can use up to £250 in one purchase. But these are reasonable restrictions for what is otherwise a very flexible and useful discount scheme.

Useful link: Read their guide to Tesco Partner vouchers

How we rate it as a scheme

Really useful once you get everything working

Getting an immediate discount just for holding a free Clubcard is great. It’s money off without needing to invest in or subscribe to anything long term. It’s a shame that it’s only on select products, but it’s a start.

The scheme to get money off your mobile bill could be made simpler, but once you’ve made that £150 threshold it’s just a case of converting your vouchers when they arrive. The extra effort is worth it for the savings.

But the big question is: How big are the savings? Well, if you’re not a regular Tesco shopper, we’d say there are better networks to join with bigger discounts and more features (Sky offer more and are on the O2 network).

However, regular Tesco customers could be getting brilliant value for money. You will have to be quite loyal to Tesco to make the most of it, but if you’re already doing all your shopping there, we’d recommend joining Tesco Mobile too.

In the end, it’s not a scheme that everyone will use. It’s there to give Tesco customers even more for being loyal. If you’re not a regular Tesco customer, we’d say look elsewhere, but otherwise we rate this scheme highly.

Useful link: Our full Tesco Mobile review

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