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SMARTY's unlimited data SIM only for £16: exclusive deal

SMARTY logo and SIM cardVisit SMARTY.co.uk

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We look at how SMARTY's unlimited data plan compares with other networks for price, benefits and any restrictions in their fair usage policy. Last updated: 17th January 2024.

What you get

The most-flexible unlimited data plan in the UK now with 5G
 (4/5 deal rating, excellent)

SMARTY Mobile £16 offer bannerGet hidden deal

at SMARTY.co.uk
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We think SMARTY have the most flexible unlimited data plan there is on the market. There's no contracts, just a 1-month commitment and you're even free to put it in mobile WiFi devices and tablets.

As long as you're using it for genuine personal use, there are no speed caps or fair usage policies to hold you back. And with our hidden deal below, you're getting leading market value:

Useful link: Read our full SMARTY network review here

The benefits

The data on this SIM is truly unlimited with SMARTY

SMARTY unlimited data banner

Use as much data as you want in the UKSee full details

at SMARTY.co.uk
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One of the main reasons we like SMARTY's unlimited data SIM is that it's even more flexible than competitors. You pay for the plan up front each month, meaning you can cancel with no notice by just not paying.

That gives you a chance to really put the SIM and SMARTY network through their paces. Even other 1-month alternatives are mostly on a contract, so you'll have to give notice to leave rather than just stop paying.

Data is truly unlimited while you’re in the UK and you can use it as you like. SMARTY allow tethering to other devices without limits. You can also use it in other devices like tablets and dongles as much as you want.

You’re getting a great amount of flexibility on top of the cheapest costs for a 1-month plan. And this is often cheaper than most 12-month and even 24-month contracts on other networks.

Useful link: Read our full SMARTY network review

SMARTY's network is much improved nowadays too

SMARTY 5G banner

See signal coverage in your area before you buyCheck their signal

at SMARTY.co.uk
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SMARTY have offered access to Three’s 5G network for a while now. You get the same speeds and coverage as you would being on Three directly, at no extra cost on all plans.

The choice between joining Three or SMARTY used to be a case of either getting 5G or having the best possible value deal. But these days there are more reasons to join SMARTY now than ever before.

Last time we checked, 5G was live in 300+ locations across the UK. According to results from independent network testers Opensignal and Speedtest by Ookla, 5G speeds on SMARTY sit between 103.9 Mbps and a super fast 248.16 Mbps!

It’s value on top of value with SMARTY’s unlimited data SIM.

Useful link: Check SMARTY’s 5G locations

Restrictions on SMARTY's unlimited data deal

There are limits on your data usage while abroad

SMARTY unlimited data free EU roaming

Use up to 12GB while roaming in the EUAll roaming costs

at SMARTY.co.uk
(opens in new window)

It's worth knowing that the deal is priced at £16 in your first 15 months with SMARTY. After that it goes up to £20. But you are free to compare and leave at any time. It's not a 12-month contract. It's a 1-month plan still.

Data-wise, we're happy to call SMARTY's SIM truly unlimited. Technically there is a threshold of 1000GB at which SMARTY might look into what you're using your SIM for though.

It's not that it's a hard and fast limit. You can still go beyond that at full speed. But data usage that high does means SMARTY might check you're not using it for something commercial like as a router or similar.

Genuine heavy personal data users have nothing to fear here. But SMARTY do reserve the right to cancel your SIM if they do think you're using it for commercial purposes.

It's also worth knowing EU roaming data isn't unlimited. There, you will be limited to 12GB. If you go over that you’ll have to buy a data add-on. Their limit used to be larger, but 12GB is alright for a short journey abroad.

Useful link: SMARTY's guide to tethering on their network

How SMARTY's deal compares

It's basically always among the best value unlimited SIMs

SMARTY Mobile £16 offer bannerGet hidden deal

at SMARTY.co.uk
(opens in new window)

This exclusive deal is almost always the best priced on the market, particularly when you look at 1-month plans. Sometimes, longer contracts do minorly win out. Here's the latest comparison:

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