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Lyca Mobile EU roaming: everything you need to know

Lyca logo with outline of EuropeVisit lycamobile.co.uk

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We give a rundown of what you do and don't get with Lyca Mobile's inclusive EU roaming, including any restrictions there might be. Last updated: 2nd February 2024.

Is EU roaming on Lyca any good?

Every Lyca plan comes with inclusive EU roaming

Flags of European countries included on Lyca Mobile

Take your phone to any of these countriesRead Lyca's guide

at lycamobile.co.uk
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If you want to be able to use your phone at no extra cost while in the EU, you can’t really go wrong with the plan you choose from Lyca Mobile. They all include roaming in the EU at no extra cost.

You get the benefit, whether you choose to pay as you go or take one of Lyca’s new pay monthly SIM contracts. And even the cheapest plans still include the benefit. See their best deals below:

In a world where loads of mobile providers are ditching EU roaming, it’s nice to see Lyca holding onto theirs and giving their customers extra value, on top of already very cheap deals (see above).

But when something’s a good deal, people always want to know if there’s anything they’re not realising. So in this guide, we go through everything that is and isn’t included with Lyca’s EU roaming scheme.

Useful link: See Lyca Mobile’s own EU roaming page

There are fair usage policies but they’re pretty generous

Screenshot of Lyca's fair usage policy

Listed on bottom of Lyca's roaming pageSee the policy

at lycamobile.co.uk
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The first thing to know is that you don’t necessarily get all your usual UK minutes, texts and data while you’re away in the EU. There is a fair usage policy, which says how much you can use per month there.

On most plans, you’ll be able to use up to 12GB data a month without extra charge, if your plan is that big in the first place. If your plan is smaller, your limit is your usual data allowance (like 4GB). Unlimited data plans get you 35GB.

Use up to 35GB in the EU a month with these plans:

There’s also a limit of 2000 minutes and 2000 texts while you’re away too. Compare to other networks, these are all pretty generous. Realistically, we don’t see many people hitting them on a one or two week trip.

Another limit is on using your phone as a personal hotspot, where it uses its data signal to create a mini WiFi hotspot to connect devices like laptops or iPads to. You can’t do that at all whilst roaming.

All these limits are what you can do without paying extra. If you do need to use more than the fair usage, you can still do that but you’ll have to pay as you go at these rates.

Useful link: Our favourite networks for roaming

International calls even work while you’re in the EU

Screenshot of Lyca Mobile

At least 100 international minsSee plans and countries

at lycamobile.co.uk
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Lyca Mobile have a history of specialising in being an international network. Even their regular UK plans include at least 100 minutes to a whole range of European and worldwide countries.

And we’re pleased to see that your international calls still work at no extra cost while you’re roaming in the EU, even if the country you’re calling isn’t in the European Union.

So if you’re holiday in France but still want to call your friends in Pakistan using your normal plan, you can. You’re getting practically all the usual benefits of your UK plan, while you travel.

We wouldn’t have expected this to be the case. Other networks are unlikely to allow this, so it’s a nice little bonus to Lyca’s overall roaming in the EU scheme.

Useful link: See plans with more international minutes

You also get roaming in India with Lyca Mobile

Roaming in India letter and India imagery

Use your data for free in IndiaRead our guide

at simsherpa.com
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It’s also worth knowing that Lyca don’t just offer inclusive roaming solely in the EU. You can also use your data for no extra charge while you’re in India too.

You should understand that’s it’s only your data that won’t cost extra though. Calls and texts and anything else do continue to be charged while you’re there (at these rates). They are included in the EU though.

Lyca have got subsidiaries and connections worldwide, so it would be interesting to see if any extra roaming destinations get added in future. Most worldwide roaming is expensive elsewhere. Lyca could make it more affordable.

Useful link: Our guide to roaming in India on Lyca

Lyca's SIM only plans

Lyca Mobile SIMs with EU roaming

These all include roaming in the EU

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