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Here's where you can learn about what cookies are used at simsherpa.com and change your cookie preferences on our website.

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Our cookies explained

What are cookies and why do websites use them?

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You can delete cookies stored on your computerHere's how

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A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your device when you visit a website or application. Your web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox) sends cookies back to the website each time you visit it, so the website can remember things like preferences.

Cookies are useful to both you and the website you're visiting, and they do lots of different jobs. For example, they enable you to move between our web pages efficiently, they remember your preferences when you visit again and generally improve your experience when browsing websites. They can also help to ensure that adverts you see online are more relevant to you.

Cookies last for different lengths of time depending on the job they do. There are session cookies and persistent cookies:

Session cookies only last while you're using the website and disappear from your device when you close your browser. Persistent cookies stay on your device after the browser has been closed and last for the period of time specified in the cookie.

We use four types of cookies and let you choose to decline or accept them

Two cookies at SIM Sherpa

The cookies we use at simsherpa.com fall into four categories. These are Essential, Analytics, Advertising and Functional. These are explained in the next sections.

We give you the choice about which of our cookies you're happy to be stored on your computer. Scroll to the top and press the big "Change settings now" button to manage yours.

If you don't accept all or part of our cookie policy, you're free to carry on using simsherpa.com and we'll stop storing cookies on your computer.

Analytics cookies

Google Analytics

Read Google's privacy policy before accepting our analytics cookiesRead privacy policy

We use a package called Google Analytics to measure which pages people read on our website, where they enter the site, where they navigate to and where they leave. This is standard on practically every website.

If you don't want this to happen, make sure you reject Analytics cookies and we'll make sure that Google Analytics does not measure your activity and their cookies are blocked.

Although your specific visit is stored as a "session ID" and you, the visitor, as a "user ID", these are in the form of anonymous numbers, and don't contain personal data we can read.

We don't pass any personal details onto Google Analytics, because we don't take any off you.

But Google could use the information about your web-browsing at simsherpa.com in conjunction with other data they have about you via other websites using Google Analytics, Google's own websites like YouTube, and social media to piece together a profile of who you are.

Useful link: Change cookie settings now

Functional cookies

These help our basket work

You can choose whether or not to accept our Functional cookies. These will remember deals that you click on our website and save them to a "basket" that can see top right in your browser. They'll also show you deals on our homepage.

These cookies only work on simsherpa.com and don't follow you around on other websites. Other websites won't use the information these cookies store.

The coookies store information about the deal you clicked: minutes, texts, data, network and price, plus a unique deal ID. They don't record any personal information about you. We don't share any information from these with third parties.

Useful link: Change cookie settings now

Advertising cookies

Screenshot of a Facebook advert

This allows us to show you deals on Facebook

If you choose to accept Advertising cookies, we will allow Meta (Facebook) to set cookies on your device, which track your usage of SIM Sherpa and remember any deals you click on.

This allows us to show you adverts on Facebook and other Meta-owned social media sites like Instagram or Messenger. We don't receive any personal information about you from Meta in this process.

But because Meta do know your personal information from your social media, they can use your browsing behaviour on our website to build a profile of you, as they do with countless websites across the internet.

If you're uncomfortable with this, we recommend you do not accept Marketing cookies. By default, this cookie is disabled. We'll only set it if you actively accept it.

Useful link: Change cookie settings now

Essential cookies

A checklist

These remember choices and improve experience

The final type of cookie we set are called Essential cookies. These improve your experience on our website and ensure we remember the rest of your cookie choices, so you get what you want and don't get what you don't want.

These are called 'acceptfunctional', 'acceptadvertising','acceptanalytics' and have a value of 'yes' or 'no'. This will stay on your device for one year at a time, so that you don't have to keep making cookie decisions every time you visit us.

We don't allow you to choose to disable these, because they'd make your experience worse if you had to choose to accept or decline cookies on every page here.

You could technically go and delete them if you wanted to, or get your browser to block them entirely. Our website will still work, you'd just see the cookies message on every page you visited.

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