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Order a giffgaff SIM card: get free £5 credit offer via our page

giffgaff SIM cardVisit giffgaff.com

The retailers featured on this page may compensate us when our readers follow links to their websites and make a purchase. More

Get £5 free credit when you order your giffgaff SIM card from their official website via our special invite page. Here's how the offer works.

Order a giffgaff SIM card

Free giffgaff triple SIM card

Our giffgaff rating ★★★★☆ (4)1
Triple giffgaff SIM card

Includes a standard, micro and nano SIM card
Fits any make or model of phone
Top up £10 to get extra £5 credit free (or buy £10+ goodybag)
Add any goodybag bundle once SIM arrives

£0.00 + free delivery direct from giffgaff

In stock

Order free SIM now

at giffgaff.com

How to get your £5 free giffgaff credit...

Tick in green circle
Hit 'Order free SIM now'
we'll take you to our special offer page on giffgaff's official website
Tick in green circle
Complete order at giffgaff.com
it only takes a minute and they'll deliver in 2 working days
Tick in green circle
Activate SIM and top up £10
or buy £10+ goodybag. Your free credit will be added automatically

How giffgaff's £5 free credit offer works

You’ll automatically receive your £5 free credit after your first £10 top up or bundle purchase

Top up with £10

Top up £10 to get the free extra credit

Order your giffgaff SIM from our special invite page and once it arrives top it up with at least £10 credit.

Once you do this, giffgaff will automatically add the free extra £5 to your account. Make sure you don't top up with less money, as you won't get the bonus credit now or later.

Not planning to buy goodybags as large as £10? Don’t worry, you can still benefit from this offer.

If you’re only planning to buy a lower cost £5 or £7.50 goodybag, simply top up with £10 to receive your extra £5 credit, then buy your chosen goodybag out of that credit.

Useful link: See giffgaff bundles you can add to your SIM later.

You can't get the offer on the main part of giffgaff's website

SIM Sherpa giffgaff invite page

Be sure to order via our invite page so you definitely get the free credit

You won't get free credit automatically if you order your free SIM via the regular pages on giffgaff's website.

Only new customers arriving on special invitation pages at giffgaff's official website will receive the free credit.

When you hit an 'Order free SIM now' button on this page, we'll take you to our SIM Sherpa invitation page at giffgaff.com, where you can order your SIM.

The SIM card willl be delivered free to you directly by giffgaff. You can activate it and top it up with credit whenever you're ready. Once you add £10, giffgaff will automatically add £5 free credit to your account.

Don’t lose it: if you navigate to giffgaff direct, they won’t give you the free credit!

Useful link: See our giffgaff invite page

It's completely free! Order today, decide to actually use it later

giffgaff checkout

giffgaff don't take any payment details today

The SIM is completely free to order today and giffgaff don't take any payment details from you.

That means there's no commitment or pressure ever to top up or use the SIM.

In fact there's nothing stopping you ordering a SIM and never using it. You won't pay a penny until you're ready.

When you are ready to activate your SIM, your £5 free credit will be waiting for you, once you top up with your first £10.

giffgaff's new goodybag monthly bundles

You'll get £5 free credit with your first £10 top up when you order your free SIM card via SIM Sherpa's invite page at giffgaff.com.

Here's how you get your goodybag and free credit:

Tick in green circle
Order SIM on our invite page
at giffgaff's offical site
Tick in green circle
Wait for your SIM to arrive
within 2-3 days
Tick in green circle
Top up and pick a goodybag
get £5 free credit on £10 top up

Frequently Asked Questions

About the £5 free credit offer

Free credit. What's the catch?

There is no catch. The only condition is you have to top up with at least £10 to be eligble for the offer.

Is the SIM truly free to order?

Yes. It doesn't cost a penny to order and you're under no obligation ever to top up or use the SIM once it's arrived.

Do I have to choose a goodybag now?

No, you only choose your goodybag once your SIM arrives. Be sure to buy one for £10 or above to get the free £5. Or top up with £10 and buy a lower value goodybag from that credit.

Can existing giffgaff customers benefit from the offer?

Only if you want to order a brand new SIM, with a new number and top it up with credit.

Will giffgaff do a credit check on me?

Not for this SIM. Because you pay up front each month, there's no contract, so no credit check.

It's only on their phone contracts (loans), which giffgaff perform a credit check on.

3 quick reasons to love giffgaff

Tick in green circle
No credit check
so you're guaranteed to be accepted
Tick in green circle
Runs on O2's 4G network
Get superfast data speeds and brilliant coverage
Tick in green circle
£5 extra credit with SIM Sherpa
when you add £10 credit to your giffgaff SIM the first time

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