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Hidden Three offers: SIM only deals and phone contracts at better prices

Three logo and secret spy icon

The retailers featured on this page may compensate us when our readers follow links to their websites and make a purchase. More

We uncover loads of hidden deals on Three that aren't advertised on the main part of their website but you still buy direct from them. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide. Last updated: 13th August 2019.

What are these secret deals?

Hidden offers you still buy directly from Three

Screenshot of Three's online checkout

Buy directly from

On this page, we've put together a list of the current special offers you can get from Three that aren't advertised on the main part of their website. Each deal links you directly to Three's checkout instead.

Three send these "secret deals" to comparison websites like us to promote only to our readers. They're usually either better pricing for the same products. Or wholly unique plans.

They do this so they can appeal to the types of customers who are savvy deal finders, without giving away cheaper prices to everyone and reducing their profits. It's a little cynical but mobile networks are businesses.

The hidden offers vary all the time. Sometimes there may be none running at all. We update this page as and when we find out offers change but we can't guarantee availabilty. If we know an offer end date, we'll tell you.

Choose a product: SIM only plans | Phone contracts

Hidden SIM only deals

There's only really one hidden SIM only deal on Three

Three SIM cards

More regular deals on Three's websiteSee full range

(opens in new window)

This deal beats the closest one advertised on the main part of with a lower monthly cost and double the data. And at the time of writing, it's the cheapest 8GB deal in the UK:

Other than that there are no hidden deals that offer better value than the main ones on Three's website, including these two best-selling unlimited plans:

Useful link: Three's full range of regular SIM only deals

Hidden phone contract deals

iPhone: hidden cheaper pricing on selected plans

Apple logo

Secret iPhone deals on Three

On iPhone 6s, there's a hidden 2GB plan that's £5 a month cheaper than the regular cheapest 4GB deal:

Or a secret 8GB plan that gives you twice as much data as the 4GB plan advertised directly and a £2 monthly saving:

On iPhone 7, there's a hidden entry-level 2GB tariff that's £6 a month cheaper than the nearest 4GB plan on the main part of Three's website:

Or an 8GB on with twice the data and still £4 cheaper:

On iPhone X, there's a completely hidden 100GB plan:

iPhone X Max, there's a 100GB tariff that comes with 70GB more than the nearest 30GB, saves you £50 on upfront fees and £1 a month (total saving £74 over 24 months):

Useful link: Compare with Three's regular iPhone deals

Samsung Galaxy: better value hidden 100GB plans

Samsung logo

Hidden Samsung Galaxy offers on Three

On the Galaxy S9, a hidden 100GB plan gets you more data than the nearest regular plan with 30GB, for the same monthly cost and a £20 saving on the upfront fee:

Samsung Galaxy S10e - a hidden 100GB plan on each colour saves you £222 over 24 months, thanks to an £8 monthly saving and a £30 discount on the upfront cost with the nearest 30GB plan:

Samsung Galaxy S10 - a completely hidden 100GB plan on the brand-new device gets you 70GB more data than the nearest regular 30GB deal and comes in £10 a month cheaper too:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus - the larger version also has a secret 100GB plan, which compared to the nearest 30GB one gets you more data, a £30 lower upfront cost and a £12 monthly discount (£318 saving over 24 months)

Useful link: Three's regular Samsung deals

Google Pixel 3: cheaper prices and more data for your money

Google Pixel logo

Google Pixel offers on Three

Three's hidden 2GB plan on the Pixel 3 is cheaper than any of the regular plans with this phone so saves you potentially stretching to a deal with more data than you actually need:

Or there's a secret 8GB plan that gives you twice as much data as the nearest 4GB tariff and still saves you a modest £1 a month against regular pricing, which adds up to £24 over the course of your entire contract:

It's a similar story with a hidden 100GB tariff on this phone too, which comes in £2 a month cheaper than its nearest regular 30GB deal, totalling £48 over the course of your contract:

Useful link: Compare against Three's regular Google Pixel prices

Google Pixel 3 XL: same types of deals as the regular Pixel 3

Google Pixel logo

Secret deals on the larger version too

Use the links below to access a hidden 2GB offer on the larger Google Pixel 3 XL, which comes in £2 a month cheaper than the smallest 4GB plan advertised directly at

This hidden 8GB plan comes in at a modest £1 a month cheaper than the nearest regular deal, which would normally only come with 4GB. More data for less money:

Or lastly, this 100GB isn't advertised to everybody on Three's website, and saves you £2 against the smaller 30GB plan and gets you 70GB extra data at the same time:

Useful link: Compare against regular prices at

Hidden Huawei phone contract offers on Three

Huawei logo

Get a better deal on selected Huawei phones

Hidden Xiaomi offers on Three

Xiamoi logo

Offers not advertised on main part of website

SIM Sherpa can help you find your next SIM only deal

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