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About SIM Sherpa - how our site works and how we can help

We want to be your guide to picking your next mobile deal, through our free-to-read reviews, comparisons and articles. That means being upfront about how our website earns advertising fees. Here's how it all works.

What's SIM Sherpa for?

We review mobile networks using our expert knowledge

Mobile network reviews

Find out which networks we rate bestRead our reviews

Everyone in SIM Sherpa's editorial team has worked in the mobile phone industry themselves, so we know the pros and cons of each of the UK networks, and what makes a good mobile provider.

In each of our reviews, we pick through everything you get as part of your overall deal when you sign up with each company. We also show you how that stacks up against what's available elsewhere.

We want to help inform UK consumers as best we can by giving a qualified opinion on what's good, and what's not, based on our industry experience and testing the networks ourselves for real.

We give you the facts and let you make up your mind yourself whether you're impressed with a mobile network or not. We're not here to give you a hard sell.

Useful link: Read our mobile network reviews

We compare mobile networks head-to-head too

Head-to-head comparisons

How providers compare against each otherRead head-to-heads

We're spoilt for choice in the UK. There are now 13+ mobile networks offering pay monthly deals, and they've all got their own unique benefits and reasons to join them.

Sometimes you'll have two in your head that you're considering and want to know the key differences between them, and which is the better choice for your needs.

That's where our head-to-head mobile network comparisons come in.

We pitch providers against each other in a comprehensive guide, so you can see which has got the most features you're interested in.

Useful link: Compare mobile networks head-to-head

We compare deals and special offers on mobile contracts

SIM cards

Find your next SIM only deal with usCompare SIM only

Once you're clued up about the various ins and outs of each mobile provider, it's time to start comparing how they stack up for price.

That's where our comparison tools across the SIM Sherpa website come in:

Compare SIM only deals here

Compare no credit check SIMs here

Compare phone contracts here

We also keep you up to date with each network's latest special offers and promotions in each of our reviews and head-to-head comparison articles.

SIM Sherpa is a business

It's completely free for visitors to use the SIM Sherpa website

A handshake

It costs you absolutely nothing to use our website but mobile networks and other retailers do pay us when some people who've used simsherpa.com end up buying a deal from them on their website.

When you follow a link from our website to a mobile network, their site will remember that you've come from us. If you end up making a purchase, we receive a commission. It's known as affiliate marketing.

All of the well-known comparison websites in the UK work in exactly the same way.

It's a system that benefits everyone involved. Customers get the ability to compare networks and deals, mobile providers get new customers and affiliates like us get rewarded for bringing the two parties together.

We don't receive any information from the mobile network about you. And we don't send them any data we've gathered either. You can read our full privacy policy here.

Keeping our site up to date

We always aim to have the latest info on our site

Thumbs up

Things move fast in the world of mobile providers, so we constantly update our website to bring you the latest information in as accurate form as possible, so you can make a well-informed decision.

Each of our articles has a date at the top showing when it was last updated. All information in the article should be accurate up until that date. But things can change, and errors and omissions can happen.

We try to back up every claim on our website with a link to relevant pages on each mobile network's own website, which you should treat as the final authority on everything you do and don't get with a deal.

Where we've tested a mobile network for real, we'll give our findings. But we can't test every combination of phone, location and network, so your own tests may differ from what we've found out.

Always double check their terms and conditions before you sign up, to check you're happy with what you're getting.

Getting in touch

SIM Sherpa is a trading name ofregistered in England and Wales with company number .

You can email us at info@simsherpa.co.uk or write to us at MYOB Digital LTD, Black Hall Farm Traice Road, Fundenhall, Norwich, England, NR16 1HQ.