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Changing mobile plans: networks that let you move up or down

A phone, SIM card and flexibility icon

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Here are the UK mobile networks that help you reduce your phone bill cost by switching to a cheaper or bigger tariff when you need. Last updated: 14th August 2023.

Why change your mobile plan?

Some networks offer more flexible contracts than others

Fleixble p

Switch plans to suit your monthly needs

It’s inevitable that your needs will change during your SIM only or phone contract. To help with this, some mobile networks will let you switch your plan up or down each month to suit your plan to your needs.

You might find yourself having to buy extra data add-ons because your plan is too small. Or you might be paying for a bigger plan than you need. Changing up or down can be a way to save money.

The best networks for this are naturally just the ones that offer 1-month deals. These let you change your plan each month, while also leaving you free to leave your network altogether if you want:

On the Three network, you have a choice of SMARTY, iD Mobile, Honest Mobile on 1-month plans:

On EE’s network, you can take a 1-month plan with 1pMobile, Lyca Mobile, Co-op Mobile or Talk Home Mobile:

On O2’s network, you can join, Virgin Mobile or giffgaff for 1-month deals:

Finally, on Vodafone’s network, you can join a 1-month deal on VOXI, ASDA Mobile, Lebara and Talkmobile:

But many networks tend to offer better value on longer contracts than on their 1-month deals. So, we’ll go over all the networks with longer contracts to see which ones let you switch up or down.

Useful link: Our guide to 1-month contract networks

The most flexible networks for switching tariff

Networks that let you change your plan up or down

Sky Mobile mix plans

Switch up or down on phones and SIMsHow to change plans

at sky.com
(opens in new window)

If you want to stay flexible during your phone or SIM contract, the best networks are ones that let you switch plans up or down each month. These include O2, Sky Mobile, giffgaff, Honest Mobile and iD Mobile.

All of these let you switch to a larger plan whenever you want. If you want to switch to a smaller plan you will have to wait until your next month rolls around on all of them, which makes sense.

That applies to the usage plan part of your phone contract too (Honest don’t have phone deals) which is handy since you don’t want to spend more than necessary when you’re also paying off the cost of your phone.

These networks tend to be quite good on price, with the exception of O2 who are on the higher end of the price range. But if switching your plan mid-contract is a concern, you can be happy on any of these networks.

Useful link: Compare phone contract prices on all networks

Networks that let you switch up and then back down

EE logoTesco Mobile logo

Go above your first plan but not below

Tesco Mobile and EE do things differently to the networks above. While you can move to a bigger plan whenever you want, you can’t move to a smaller plan than what you originally joined on.

But you can move back down to your original plan if you’ve moved onto a bigger one. That is quite handy if you need extra data for one month and then want to switch back down for the next.

The same goes for the usage plan for your phone contract on both networks as well. And it’s worth noting that you can only increase your plan once a month on either, but the change will come into effect right away.

If you’ve started on a plan that’s too big, you’ll have to stick it out to the end of your contract. So if you plan to join either network it might be better to start small then move up to what you need.

Useful link: Compare SIM only contracts on all networks

Networks that only let you switch to a bigger plan

Vodafone logoThree logoTalkmobile logoLebara logo

No way to move to a smaller plan

If you join Vodafone, Three or Talkmobile on a longer contract then you won’t be able to move to a smaller plan until your contract is over. You can move up, but if you do you can’t switch back down.

Lebara are a bit different in that you can change your plan before your first month is up, but after that there’s no way to switch plans (they do offer low-cost 1-month deals if you prefer).

So, if you know your needs often change then you’ll most likely want to avoid taking a longer contract on these networks. You might end up on a plan that doesn’t suit your needs with no way to change it.

All of these networks offer 1-month plans that let you change your allowance each month. Talkmobile and Lebara offer these at good prices, but Three and Vodafone’s tend towards the higher end in terms of price.

Useful link: Compare SIM only contracts on all networks

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