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Various logos of UK mobile networks

Mobile special offers: current best deals on SIM only & phone contracts

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The retailers featured on this page may compensate us when our readers follow links to their websites and make a purchase. More

We list every UK mobile network's latest special offers on one page to help you get the best value out of your next mobile deal. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide. Last updated: 17th September 2019

Networks featured

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BT Mobile

Claim up to £75 Reward Cards with SIMs and phones

Order a qualifying smartphone or SIM by 19th September 2019 and you can claim a pre-paid Mastercard from BT, loaded with up to £75 of money to spend practically anywhere.

On SIM only, you can get a Reward Card worth up to £75, depending on the plan (see full range of SIMs and rewards here). We think their best value plan is this option which lets you claim a £55 Reward Card:

Go for a smartphone and you can also claim a Reward Card on most plans with all the different iPhone and Samsung models available.

Useful link: See latest BT Mobile Reward Card offers in our guide


EE's 20GB for £20 SIM only deal

EE 20GB SIM banner

See all EE SIM only plans

(opens in new window)


£5 free giffgaff credit with your first £10 top up

giffgaff free credit offer

Get £5 free credit

(opens in new window)

On SIM only, giffgaff don't really tend to have big discounts or promotional plans ever. But you can get £5 of free credit when you first sign up.

Use our special order link here, top up with at least £10 (or buy a goodybag for £10 or more) and giffgaff will automatically add £5 of welcome credit to your account.

If you're after a smartphone, you can use the £5 free credit offer. See giffgaff's latest phone contract pricing here.

Useful link: Get free credit on giffgaff now

iD Mobile

Unlimited minutes with iD's affordable SIMs

iD Mobile unlimited texts and minutes banner

See all deals

(opens in new window)

iD Mobile are always among the cheapest mobile networks for the lower data plans. This month they've got a couple of competitive deals.

Their £9 deal currently comes with 3GB of data allowance and unlimited minutes:

Or there's also unlimited minutes on their 1GB for £6 option:

Useful link: All iD Mobile's special offers


O2's cheaper 18-month SIM only deals

O2's Pay Monthly SIMs

See all SIM offers

(opens in new window)

If you're willing to commit to a longer 18-month contract on SIM only, O2 are offering improved pricing on these plans until 2nd October 2019:

Or get 15GB for £18 a month (18-month contract) or 40GB for £22 a month (18-month contract)

It's also often worth checking out Carphone Warehouse's O2 cashback offers here, which occasionally work out better than going direct with O2 and qualify to get an automatic cheque through the post.

Useful link: See all O2's latest offers


Plusnet have a hidden offer

Plusnet Mobile Reward Card

See 12‑month plans

(opens in new window)

This month, there's an exclusive hidden offer on Plusnet Mobile that you won't find advertised on the main part of their website:

It's available until 3rd October and gives you 1GB more data for £1 less per month than the nearest regular deal on Plusnet's website.

If you don't need that much data, this is the UK's best-priced 1-month SIM with 3GB at the time of writing:

Useful link: See all Plusnet Mobile 30-day plans

Sky Mobile

Save £5 a month on Sky's 10GB plan

Sky Mobile 10GB offer banner

See phones and SIMs

(opens in new window)

Sky's latest SIM only offer sees their 10GB plan reduced to just £15 £10 a month when you order before 26th September:

On phone contracts, the same £5 monthly discount on each phone's 10GB plan means the total cost of a 30-month contract falls by £180 on each model, or £120 is you take a 24-month deal.

Full offer terms at

Useful link: All current Sky Mobile offers


Unlimited data SIM 25% cheaper

SMARTY Unlimited data offer banner

See unlimited data offer

(opens in new window)

Order by 22nd October to get SMARTY's unlimited data SIM at 25% off:

At the time of writing, it's the cheapest 1‑month unlimited data deal in the UK - with a genuine £6.25 saving per month vs. the usual cost.

SMARTY are giving you the lower price for as long as you stay on the plan. And remember, this is only a 1‑month plan, so you're free to leave whenever you like.

Useful link: Full terms and conditions at

Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile's big data SIM deals

Tesco Mobile 4GB SIM banner

See all deals

(opens in new window)

Order soon to benefit from improved prices on SIM only plans and phones with Tesco Mobile. We rate these two plans as their most competitive this month:

If you're after a smartphone, there are some decent discounts off the device cost of all the iPhone, Samsung and Huawei models listed here

Useful link: See all Tesco Mobile offers


Three's 6 months half price unlimited data offer

Three unlimited data SIM

See current offer

(opens in new window)

Three are currently offering 6 months half price on their 24-month unlimited data plan (unknown offer end date):

Or if you don't want to commit to such a long contract, their 12-month unlimited data SIM is now £20 a month too. And there's also a huge hidden 100GB data deal:

Useful links: See all latest Three offers

Virgin Mobile

Fantastic SIM only deals with Virgin on the EE network

Virgin Mobile 10GB SIM banner

See SIM only deals

(opens in new window)

Virgin are currently running some excellent value SIM only offers on medium and large data allowances. Order by 30th September for 10GB at £16 £10 a month or 15GB 45GB at £18 a month:

Virgin Mobile uses the super fast EE network and lets you keep your unused data for the next month.

If you're after a new smartphone, there are several deals with AirPods or wireless headphones included.

Useful link: See all Virgin's offers on one page at


New unlimited 5G data plans available now

Vodafone unlimited data SIMs

See unlimited plans

(opens in new window)

Vodafone have just launched a range of 5G-ready SIM only plans with unlimited data that we think are going to be very popular.

Some of them do have speed caps built in that mean you'll only get mediocre 4G speeds. But this deal gets you 5G and 4G at Vodafone's top possible speeds:

You'll need a 5G-ready phone and be in an area with 5G coverage. If you have neither, you'll still get 4G at Vodafone's top speeds.

The unlimited plans have also launched on a range of Vodafone's phone contracts too (see the models here on their website).

Useful link: Vodafone's 5G rollout latest


VOXI's September data boost offers

VOXI's 8GB SIM offer

See offer details

(opens in new window)

This month VOXI are offering a rare data boost on two of their plans:

These deals expire 30th September 2019. And remember, all VOXI plans also come with unlimited use of certain social media apps without using your data allowance.

Useful link: VOXI's full list of plans

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