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Free Lycamobile credit: how to get £5 - £10 on your SIM with no hacks

Lycamobile free credit offer

Follow our simple instructions to get a bonus of up to £10 free credit on your Lycamobile SIM order and enjoy low-cost UK plans and international calls. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide. Last updated: 1st June 2017.

How the offer works

Every new Lycamobile customer qualifies for up to £10 free credit with their first order

Free Lycamobile SIM card

Up to £10 free credit to use how you likeGet it now

Lycamobile are already known for their great value international and UK SIMs that now come with 4G as standard. But you might not have known you can benefit from free credit when you first join them.

Every new Lycamobile customer is entitled to claim some free bonus credit, you just have to know what you're doing when ordering your SIM card.

Even if you're an existing Lycamobile customer or have already ordered your SIM, don't worry you can still also benefit from the offer. As long as you're prepared to take a new phone number.

Read the tips below to see how.

Useful link: Order a SIM with free credit now from

Order online via this special page to get your free credit

Lycamobile free credit order page

It only takes a couple of minutes to orderStart order

To get the free credit you'll need to navigate to the dedicated page on Lycamobile's website, which lets you order a SIM card that comes pre-topped up with credit.

You will have to pay for the top up there and then. The free credit is Lycamobile's reward for doing this.

Once you're on the page, it's a very simple process of choosing the SIM type you want, giving your details and choosing an amount to top your SIM up with.

All in all the process should take more than a couple of minutes.

Useful link: Lycamobile's free credit order page on their official website.

Be sure to choose a top up amount that gets you the bonus

Lycamobile top up screen

Select how much to top up with hereShow me where

It's important to choose the right top up amount to get your bonus free credit. You won't get any free credit if you just order a free SIM without topping it up.

At our last check, you needed to top up with £20 to get a bonus of £5 credit (an extra 25% for your money).

Or to get the full £10, choose the option to top up with £30 (an extra 33%).

As you can see from above, to get the most free credit, the best option is to top up with £30.

Useful link: Here's where you choose how much to top up >

Your SIM will come loaded with credit to spend on any bundle

Lycamobile's monthly plans

Buy any Lycamobile bundle from your free creditSee latest bundles

The nice thing about Lycamobile's free credit offer is that the money is yours to spend however you like with them.

Your SIM will arrive pre-topped-up with the amount you choose plus your bonus, and it will be ready to use immediately.

Then it's your choice if you want to buy one of their bundles or just use your SIM on a pay as you go basis for usage in the UK or internationally.

Useful link: Compare Lycamobile's current bundles

Get even more free credit later by referring your friends too

Refer a friend

Get £5 free credit for each friend who joins LycaLearn how

Once you've joined Lycamobile, the free credit doesn't have to stop.

That's where their refer a friend scheme comes in, which can earn you £5 of free credit every time you get one of your friends to join Lyca.

All you do is log in to your Lycamobile account online, send an email to your friend from there, and once they order and top up, you'll get the £5 automatically added to your account.

The best part is your friend can even be located in another country.

Useful link: Full details on how to refer a friend for free credit from Lyca's official guide.

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