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Mobile network reviews and best provider rankings 2018

Read our reviews of every UK mobile network in 2018 and guides to the best providers for roaming, data rollover and more. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide.

Ranking the best mobile networks

If you know you want the next provider you join to be good at particular things, read our series of ranking articles below:

Roaming: ranking the UK's best networks for going abroad

Now that all UK mobile networks have to offer free roaming in the EU as part of their pay monthly plans, we look at which ones go above and beyond the legal minimum.

In this guide, we rank each mobile network for going abroad and reveal the providers and plans that give you inclusive roaming in other worldwide countries outside Europe.

Read our best networks for roaming guide

Data rollover: which networks let your keep unused data?

Is it fair that you lose data at the end of each month if you've not already used it? Some of the mobile networks are saying no it's not.

Their solution? Data rollover plans that let you keep anything you've not used at the end of the month. Which networks offer it and whose scheme is the best? Our guide reveals all.

Read our guide to the best data rollover plans

WiFi calling: who's got the best scheme?

In recent years, more and more mobile networks and devices have started to support so-called WiFi calling.

We look at what it means, which networks offer it, answer your frequently asked questions and rate which provider's scheme is the best out of the lot.

Read our WiFi calling guide

Family plans: who has the best shared mobile contracts?

We're seeing more mobile networks offering plans designed for more than one person, typically whole families or groups of friends.

But what's the point in shared plans? Is it better to get a discount or be able to share your data. We discuss it all in our guide.

Read our guide to shared mobile plans

Free data for streaming or social media: where can you get it?

Streaming videos and music uses loads of data and we check our social media updates constantly throughout the day. All that can use up data pretty fast.

But now some selected networks are saying you can use particular services without it using up your data. Who are the networks and what services can you use? Our guide has the answer.

Read our free streaming data and social media guide

How our reviews work

Our reviews are written by mobile industry experts

Sherpa trusty guides

We're your trusty guide to mobile networks

At SIM Sherpa, our guiding principle has always been to to be just like the real mountain sherpas; by being your trusty guide to everything in the world of mobile phone contracts.

That's why each of our mobile network reviews have been carefully put together by expert authors, who have themselves worked in the mobile phone industry, to bring you qualified insight from inside the providers.

We know the ins and outs of how deals work, what the catches are and recognise a real benefit when we see one. We sift through the marketing spiel to get you to the key facts you really want to know.

As we improve and re-write our reviews, we're constantly on the look out for new developments and finding the negative points as well as the good stuff.

We look at independent testers to inform our reviews of mobile networks' coverage and 4G speeds

Independent speed testers

Independent testers inform our network reviews

When it comes to mobile phone coverage and the 4G speeds you can expect with a particular network, you can't just take the provider's word for it at face value.

For that reason, for all our reviews of mobile network speeds and signal strength, we look at the results provided by independent network testing companies.

That way, you can be sure you're getting the full picture when it comes ratings on coverage.

SIM Sherpa can help you find your next SIM only deal

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