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SMARTY's unlimited data SIM only:
now just £20 a month

SMARTY logo and SIM card

The retailers featured on this page may compensate us when our readers follow links to their websites and make a purchase. More

We look at how SMARTY's unlimited data plan compares with other networks for price, benefits and any restrictions in their fair usage policy. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide. Last updated: 7th January 2020.

What you get

The most-flexible unlimited data plan on the UK market
 (3.5 / 5, very good)

There's no denying a large part of the appeal of SMARTY's unlimited data plan is its low price, compared to other networks' 1-month and 12-month equivalents. But we also rate its flexibility and lack of restrictions on speeds, on tethering or the device you use it in.

For anyone who wants a no-frills deal they can hammer their data on, without fear of paying extra, SMARTY's unlimited data SIM fits the bill nicely.

Useful link: Read our full SMARTY network review here

The benefits

It's unlimited data on a cheap 1-month SIM only plan

SMARTY unlimited dat banner

Flexible with no UK restrictionsSee full details

(opens in new window)

SMARTY's deal is more flexible even than a 1-month contract. With contracts, you still have to give 30 days' notice to leave. On SMARTY, you literally just stop paying, and you're done. There's no notice period.

It's also the only truly unlimited data plan that doesn't need you to pass a credit check to join. Because you pay for the deal up front, you just need a valid UK credit or debit card and you can join.

You're free to use as much data in the UK as you like. You can tether. And you can even put your SIM in a tablet or dongle some of the time or all of the time. There are no rules against that.

You get all that flexibility and it's usually the cheapest 1-month unlimited data plan on the market. And sometimes it's even cheaper vs longer 12-month and 24-month deals elsewhere too.

Useful link: Read our full SMARTY network review

SMARTY are a decent network to join on any deal

SMARTY's network map

Make sure they have 4G/3G where you areCheck their signal

(opens in new window)

Read our full SMARTY network review here and you'll see that we give them a good rating overall. Here's a few things that are particularly relevant when deciding whether to take their unlimited data plan:

We expect typical 4G download speeds on SMARTY between 20.39 Mbps and 22.4 Mbps (independent testers Speedtest and Opensignal's measurements of Three). That's like a low-range fibre home broadband speed.

In real-life, you'll find that speeds can be higher (in the 40 Mbps range) and sometimes lower (down to around 10 Mbps) depending where you are. Even that lower speed will support HD video streaming.

You'll also find coverage on SMARTY good in built-up cities and towns. But definitely check their signal here if you plan to use your SIM elsewhere, as rural coverage is less comprehensive.

Useful link: Order SMARTY's unlimited data plan

Restrictions on SMARTY's unlimited data deal

The only real limitations are when you take it abroad

SMARTY unlimited data free EU roaming

Use up to 19GB in the EU at no extra costAll roaming costs

(opens in new window)

The plan comes with an unlimited data allowance. In the background SMARTY do set a usage threshold of 1000GB, which they say is to identify commercial usage, which isn't allowed.

The 1000GB isn't a cap on how much data you can use. You can use over that. It's just the level at which SMARTY might decide to look into what you're using your SIM card for. Most people will never hit it.

The only actual limitation on how much data you can use is if you take your unlimited SIM abroad. There, you can only use 19GB a month, without having to pay extra (that's a sizeable chunk for a temporary trip).

Useful link: SMARTY's guide to tethering on their network

How SMARTY's deal compares

It's the UK's cheapest 1-month unlimited data deal

SMARTY unlimited data offer banner

New lower priceSee full deal

(opens in new window)

Price-wise, SMARTY's deal currently comes in cheaper than any of its rivals on 1-month plans (although you can beat it with a longer deal, see next section). Here's how other networks' 1-month plans compare:

Useful link: Compare all unlimited data SIMs

It can be beaten on price with a longer contract

Three logoThree's unlimited data SIM

On a 12-month contractSee Three's £18 deal

(opens in new window)

If you're willing to commit to a longer 12-month or 24-month contract, you can actually get the same or a better price from SMARTY's parent network Three, which offers more perks like free roaming in more countries:

All other mobile networks' longer options still work out more expensive than joining on SMARTY's shorter plan:

Useful link: Our guide to all networks with unlimited data

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