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Virgin Mobile: Extra benefits for Virgin Media home customers

Virgin Mobile logo with a phone and a SIM cardVisit

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We look at the extra benefits and discounts that you get if you are a Virgin Media broadband or cable TV customer that joins Virgin Mobile too. Last updated: 23rd November 2021.

Perks for Virgin broadband customers

Virgin Media customers can get mobile contracts discounted

Virgin Mobile Family Plan banenr

Add up to 4x SIMs with a discountHow it works

(opens in new window)

Virgin used to offer their TV and broadband customers flat £5 or £10 off mobile plans taken with them. But now you’ll no longer get your first mobile deal with them discounted.

Instead, existing Virgin Media TV and broadband customers get an exclusive discount on extra mobile plans. To benefit you’ll need one pay monthly SIM only or phone contract with Virgin Mobile and a Virgin Media account.

You’ll get a flat £2 monthly discount on up to 4x extra SIMs (choose from Virgin Mobile's 12-month SIM only deal range here). That’s a maximum combined discount of £96 a year.

Having your SIMs under one account makes things simpler. All of your SIMs will be charged in one bill, managing your spending is easier than being with different networks.

See your other benefits on: SIM only plans | Phone contracts

You don’t get many exclusive benefits as a Virgin Media customer

Special stuff for our TV and broadband customers

There’s stuff that non-Virgin customers don’t getSee offers page

(opens in new window)

Virgin Media used to offer a lot more benefits for their 5.9 million TV and broadband customers when joining them on a mobile deal. These days the well unfortunately gets drier and drier.

You used to get unlimited minutes to call other Virgin Mobile customers, but basically all their plans come with unlimited minutes now anyway. So that’s one exclusive benefit gone.

They’ve also got rid of their pay as you go plan entirely. And unlimited data plans are no longer exclusive for Virgin Broadband or TV customers. So what can you get?

You also get access to better deals on unlimited data phone contracts as a broadband or TV customer, as well as benefiting from their family plans. So, if you want your whole family on unlimited data you could save a decent amount.

See your benefits on: SIM only plans | Phone contracts

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SIM only plans

Unlimited data plans for Virgin Media customers

Virgin Mobile's Truly Unlimited SIM banner

Exclusive discounts on unlimited dataSee full deal

(opens in new window)

Previously, as a Virgin Media broadband customer, you’d get exclusive access to Virgin Mobile’s unlimited data plan (people without couldn’t buy). But now anyone can get it, here’s the latest best pricing for the deal:

It’s a decent price and a genuinely unlimited data deal.

Useful link: Compare all Virgin Mobile SIM only plans

Double data or unlimited data on O2 deals with Volt

O2 Supercharged data and broadband speeds with Virgin Media

Data boosts that work like discountsSee qualifying plans

(opens in new window)

As Virgin Media has bought O2, they’ve introduced a scheme called “Volt” that gets you benefits for joining O2 Mobile as a Virgin Media TV or broadband customer.

Their main benefit is a double data boost on most of O2’s pay monthly SIM only plans. There’s no direct discount, but it means for example you can get a cheaper 50GB plan boosted to 100GB, saving you money.

Here are O2’s current Volt SIMs (in red is the non-Virgin Media customer data):

The Volt benefit also applies to phone contracts, as you’ll get the data boosted at no extra cost. On both SIM only and phone contracts you can also make larger data plans unlimited with this benefit.

We rate this highly, as it gives you the choice to save by selecting a smaller plan, or to simply double up your data if you don’t mind paying the same as usual. There’s no benefit for Virgin Mobile, however.

Useful link: Our full guide to Virgin Media O2 Volt benefits

Virgin's other SIM only deals

All other Virgin Mobile SIMs are available to everyone

Virgin Mobile SIM only deals



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Maximum length: (Any)

Added features

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Phone contracts

Virgin Mobile offers some of the cheapest pay monthly deals available

Screenshot of our phone comparison tool

You also get a discounted unlimited planCompare phone deals

(opens in new window)

You don’t get a direct discount on the cost of your phone being a Virgin TV or broadband customer, but you do get a unique discount on an unlimited data plan (compare phone contracts here).

This is on top of already very competitive phone prices, meaning if you’re a Virgin Media customer you have very little reason to not consider joining on one of their phone deals.

Of course, you’ll have to pass a credit check, just like with most other networks. This can be tough to pass, even if you’ve kept up with your bills, but they need to be strict to make sure you can pay them back.

You can use our price comparison tool to check the prices for the phone model you want and see if Virgin Mobile suits your fancy.

Useful link: See full range of Virgin's phones

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