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EE's Datafest offer guide: 5x data on phone contracts or 4x on SIM only

EE up to 5x data offer

Our guide to EE's new Datafest offer runs through the qualifying phones and SIM only plans included in the offer with up to 5x data at no extra cost. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide. Last updated: 5th June 2017.

EE Datafest offer summary

How EE’s Datafest offer gives you more data for your money

EE datafest deals

Extra data. No extra cost.See the deals

With music festival season coming up, EE have called their new promotion Datafest and it’s a decent opportunity to join them on large data plans without the usual high costs.

The offer is basically about getting more data at no extra cost across most their products including selected pay monthly phones, SIM only plans and pay as you go deals.

If you want a phone, you’ll need to order your qualifying deal by the end of 29th June 2017 or if you’d prefer a SIM, the deadline to order is 27th June.

In this guide, we look at what’s included in the offer and what you can save.

Useful link: See EE’s offer page with terms and conditions on their official website.

Here's what's in the Datafest offer

Datafest offers apply to pay monthly and pay as you go phones and SIMs:

First deals end in just  days |  hrs |  mins |  secs

EE Datafest: offer details

3 of EE's SIM only plans come with 4x data at no extra cost

EE datafest SIM only plans

Up to 20GB for the price of 5GBSee the SIM plans

Earlier on in May took the step of adding free EU roaming to all their pay monthly SIM only plans but we did notice a slight increase in the monthly pricing of the deals.

Their Datafest offer on SIM only puts that right by adding more data to 3 of the plans including:

20GB for the price of 5GB on a £23.99 plan

12GB for the price of 3GB on a £19.99 plan

8GB for the price of 2GB on a £17.99 plan

Each deal comes with unlimited minutes and texts, plus free BT Sport app access for at least 3 months.

Useful link: See qualifying plans plus terms and conditions at

Compare EE SIM only plans

Below you can see how EE's latest deals stack up against other networks. Use the filters to find ones that match your needs:

Deal options >
Mins, texts and data >
Data speed (4G or 5G) >
Max contract length >

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Minimum data speed


Maximum contract length

1 month
12 months

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Choose which networks you'd consider:

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Selected phones come with 25GB for the price of 5GB or 5GB for the price of 1GB

EE Datafest contract phones

5x data for no extra cost. Selected phones & plans.See the phones

EE are giving away 5x the data on selected phones by adding an extra 20GB of data to their 5GB plan, while not increasing the monthly cost. It's only on a limited number of phones though:

You'll get this on iPhone 7 32GB, Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Huawei P10, where the upfront costs have also been slashed.

This plan comes with the added benefits of free EU roaming and 5 worldwide destinations, 24 months BT Sport app and the fastest 4G speeds possible on EE (which currently stands at 90Mbps).

An additional offer of 5GB for the price of 1GB is available on the lower-cose Samsung Galaxy A3 too.

Useful link: See phones in offer plus full terms and conditions on EE's own offer page.

Most popular phones in the offer

Here are 3 of the most popular phones you can get in EE's Datafest offer

On Pay As You Go there's 1GB free with selected packs

EE datafest PAYG deals

Choose a £10 or more pack for 1GB free dataSee PAYG deals

It's not just pay monthly phones and SIMs, EE are giving away extra data on. You can also get it with a pay as you go SIM or phone up until June 27th too.

Just buy any of EE's Pay As You Go packs, priced £10 or above and you'll get 1GB of free data added automatically.

If you're interested in a phone, there are also some discounted upfront costs too (see the models here).

Useful link: See the PAYG plans, plus terms and conditions at

SIM Sherpa can help you find your next SIM only deal

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