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spusu 5GB for £1 SIM only deal: full hidden offer details

spusu SIM card and logoVisit spusu.co.uk

The retailers featured on this page may compensate us when our readers follow links to their websites and make a purchase. More

We review spusu's eye-opening exclusive SIM only plan that starts off giving you 5GB data for £1 before going up to £4.50. Last updated: 21st March 2024.

spusu's exclusive 5GB deal

The deal only features on certain comparison websites

spusu 5GB SIM only banner

Not advertised on main part of websiteGet the deal here

at spusu.co.uk
(opens in new window)

The first thing to know about this deal from spusu is that it's an exclusive offer for comparison websites (like us!). At the time of writing, it's not advertised in their main list of plans.

To access it, just follow one of the links on this page and the hidden deal will be revealed for you to buy on their official website in the usual way:

Lots of mobile networks do this, so they can out-compete rivals and appeal to value hunters on deal websites, without giving away low prices to people coming to them directly, who buy at full price.

Useful link: Reveal the hidden spusu plan here

Even at the full £4.50 price it's a great deal

Banner with eSIM

Be on their network in minutesHere's how

at spusu.co.uk
(opens in new window)

In case you did miss it, spusu's 5GB plan does only stay £1 a month for your first 4 months. After that, it will revert to its full £4.50 a month price. But as it's a 1-month plan, you're free to leave whenever.

But we don't think there's much pressure to leave. That £4.50 price for 5GB still compares out as market-leading on 1-month plans at the time of writing. Check the dropdown below for a live price comparison:

5GB is below the national average of mobile data usage (according to Ofcom, it's 8GB) but if you know what you need personally, that needn't hold you back.

Useful link: Compare SIM only deals

We're generally big fans of spusu from our own experience

Screenshot of spusu's coverage checker

Identical coverage to EESee for yourself

at spusu.co.uk
(opens in new window)

We've joined spusu ourselves to do our real-life network review of them and we're generally impressed. We've found no differences in coverage vs EE, no speed caps, they have WiFi calling and their eSIM is excellent.

If the cheap price makes you worry there's something up with spusu, you needn't. Even their customer service has been great. You call them and someone just picks up!

spusu also have some nice extra perks. EU roaming is included (there is a fair usage policy while away though). You also get 500 minutes per month of calls to EU countries. All with no contract.

All in all it's a great deal that we think is going to be incredibly popular.

 (5/5, deal rating - full network review here)

Useful link: See full deal details