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spusu 1GB for £2.90 SIM only deal: UK's cheapest?

spusu SIM card and logoVisit spusu.co.uk

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We help you decide if spusu's 1GB SIM only plan is the right one for your monthly needs and show you everything you get. Last updated: 16th February 2024.

spusu's exclusive 1GB deal

You can only find spusu's 1GB deal on comparison websites

spusu £1 SIM only banner

Hidden deal, use our links to revealGet the deal here

at spusu.co.uk
(opens in new window)

spusu have just launced a new entry level plan that we think is going to be very popular. For just £2.90 a month, you can get 1GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts:

At the time of writing, we believe it's the UK's cheapest monthly plan, if you ignore other deals that start off even cheaper but then revert to higher prices. spusu also won't be doing any price rises in 2024.

You won't find the 1GB plan advertised directly on spusu. They've given it specifically to comparison websites like us. You still order direct from spusu though.

Useful link: Reveal the hidden spusu plan here

There's no trickiness to the plan, it stays £2.90

Banner with eSIM

It even comes with EU roamingRead full details

at spusu.co.uk
(opens in new window)

What we really like about this deal is its simplicity. It's just £2.90 a month. No silly introductory periods at 50p or a £1. It starts off great value and stays that way (no price rises in 2024).

Although, if you are the type to work a bit for extra value, you could take out spusu's 5GB plan that's £1 for 4 months and then change down later. The 1GB deal would need to still be available then though:

We would say that nowadays most people do you use more than 1GB a month. This plan will only be suitable if you consider yourself a low data user. Maybe you mostly use WiFi at home but just need some basic browsing and social media out of the house.

Useful link: Compare SIM only deals

We've joined spusu and find them very slick

Screenshot of spusu's coverage checker

Identical signal to EESee for yourself

at spusu.co.uk
(opens in new window)

For our real life network review of spusu, we took one of their SIMs out to put the new provider through their paces. We were very impressed overall.

We couldn't find any coverage or speed differences between spusu and being on EE directly. Their WiFi calling and 4G calling worked for us. We really like their eSIM, which let us join basically instantly after ordering.

Their customer service is also UK based and just answered the phone immediately. You get EU roaming and even international calls from the UK to EU countries (500 mins per month).

There's not really much to fault spusu on if you just want a simple, cheap deal that works and gets you all of the above. We're big fans.

 (5/5, deal rating - full network review here)

Useful link: See full deal details