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Three unlimited data for £20 SIM deal: exclusive lower price

Three logo and SIM cardVisit Three.co.uk

The retailers featured on this page may compensate us when our readers follow links to their websites and make a purchase. More

We've been sent a couple of unlimited data SIM only offers by Three to share with our readers, with lower prices than their sale. Last updated: 30th November 2023.

Here's the deal

Two ways to get cheaper unlimited data on Three
 (4/5, deal rating - full network review here)

Prices for Three's unlimited data might not be running at the very lowest we've ever seen them but we can still help you get better value even than is available in their Christmas Sale.

This exclusive 24-month plan is £2 a month cheaper than Three are advertising on the main part of their site:

Or if you don't want to commit for so long, we can also get you £6 a month off the full price of Three's 12-month unlimited data SIM here:

Useful link: Read our full Three network review here

Details and benefits

Exclusive offers that you still order from Three

Screenshot of checkout

Order direct from ThreeGet hidden offer

at Three.co.uk
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The two plans we've featured on this page are ones that Three have shared with comparison websites like SIM Sherpa to give people better value than what's advertised on the main part of their website.

They do this so they can appeal to people shopping around, without giving away the lower price to people who come to them direct. It's harsh on those people but good for people like you!

Price-wise, we would say this isn't the very lowest we've seen from Three and it is beatable in the market. But £20 is definitely in the lower end of prices, especially on main networks:

Useful link: Get the 12-month version of this deal here

It's truly unlimited data on a much-improved network

Three logo and review rating hand

All ins and outs of joining ThreeRead our review

at simsherpa.com
(opens in new window)

People do tend to wonder if Three's unlimited data plans give you truly unlimited data. And we're willing to say that yes it is, as long as you're using the SIM for personal usage.

Technically, in the background, there is a vast 1000GB level at which Three might look into whether you're abusing the service. This would be if you were running a server or a public router off it or similar.

Regular people who just so happen to use a shed load of data on their phones will have nothing to worry about. For them, there are genuinely no limits and Three don't throttle your speeds in the UK.

And we think Three are a much better network than ever. You'll be able to enjoy unlimited data with much better 4G coverage than previous years, stunning 5G speeds in the right places and nice extras like WiFi calling.

Useful link: Read our full Three network review here

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