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Plusnet Mobile reward cards: get a prepaid Mastercard with qualifying plans

A Plusnet Mobile pre-paid Mastercard

Get a Plusnet reward card with selected 12-month contracts. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide. Last updated: May 9th 2019.

Plusnet Mobile's pre-paid Mastercards

Pop up pre-paid Mastercard offers

Plusnet Mobile's pre-paid Mastercard offer banner

Get up to a £45 reward cardCheck current offers

(opens in new window)

Plusnet Mobile have only recently started offering 12-month SIM only contracts on top of their 1-month deals. To incentivise you to commit to a longer term, they sometimes offer a pre-paid reward card with select plans.

The reward card is a pre-paid Mastercard card loaded with a set amount of money on it. You can use it anywhere Mastercard's accepted on the high street and online. It works until you spend all the money on it.

So far in 2019 they have offered reward card deals with plans ranging from 1.5 to 6 GB where the pre-paid Mastercard was loaded with between £20 to £45.

These deals pop up occasionally and only stay live for a week or so. Check their 12-month plans here to see if any reward card offers are currently live.

It's worth noting that there is a claims process to get yours delivered (see further down page for more details).

Useful link: See all 12-month plans with Plusnet

Is it worth committing to a 12-month contract to get it?

12-month deals are usually better valueSee full range

(opens in new window)

Plusnet Mobile still offer several plan options on 30-day contracts and regularly promote discounted deals for data allowances between 1GB to 10GB.

We don't always think it's worth committing to the 12-month plan just to get the reward card as the annual savings might be barely worth it. Do the maths and compare against all SIM only deals in our deal finder.

For example, if one plan was £10 per month with a £20 reward card, and another was £9 per month without one, you only save £8 overall. A £45 reward card however would save you £33 that year.

So we’d say, if you don’t need the flexibility of a 1-month contract, the Reward Card might be a fair incentive for the 12-month commitment. Just make sure to compare prices again when your contract is up.

Useful link: All Plusnet Mobile's 30-day contracts

How you claim your Mastercard after ordering

Terms and conditions screenshot

Example legal stuff during one offerSee latest terms

scroll to bottom of linked page
(opens in new window)

Sometimes mobile networks can be a tad cynical and advertise a reward up front that you have to remember to claim yourself at a future date (which many people will forget to do). Plusnet Mobile are different:

Once you've ordered your qualifying Plusnet Mobile SIM only plan and got it up and running, you'll receive an email 30 days later with a link to claim your reward card.

Follow the instructions and your reward card will be dispatched within 30 to 45 days. So it's not an instant process but you will get your pre-paid Mastercard.

Just remember to keep a lookout for the email and complete the claim form as soon as you can to avoid issues.

Useful link: Read full offer terms (scroll to bottom of linked page)

There are other benefits to joining Plusnet Mobile

Plusnet Mobile's network map

Plusnet use the UK's biggest networkCheck your signal

(opens in new window)

If you read our full Plusnet Mobile review here, you'll see that we rate them pretty highly as a cheap no-frills network. There's more to them than getting cashback rewards.

For a start they use EE's 4G network, which is the UK's largest, so you'll get coverage in more places than any other provider (use their coverage checker here).

They were also one of the first networks to offer capped contracts. Their smart cap avoids you racking up unexpected bills by blocking services that would cost extra on top of your bill.

Plusnet also have UK-based customer service and you can use your minutes, texts and data within the EU for no extra cost. All on a low-cost plan that most other providers struggle to beat for price.

Useful link: Read our full Plusnet Mobile review

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