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Sky Mobile SIM only deals: how competitive are they this June?

Sky logo with a SIM cardVisit sky.com

The retailers featured on this page may compensate us when our readers follow links to their websites and make a purchase. More

We check if Sky Mobile are offering good value on SIM only plans this month by comparing their best ones against other networks. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide. Last updated: 14th June 2024.

Sky's best SIM only deals

Our favourite SIM only deal this month on Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile SIM only deal
SIM only
a month
🛈 No mid-contract price rises

Unlimited mins and 150GB data See full deal

at sky.com
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From all the options Sky Mobile have got available this June on SIM only, we think this £15 12‑month deal is their best. For your £15 a month, you get 150GB data alongside unlimited minutes and texts:

You can beat it for price if you don't need your SIM to be with a provider using the O2 network. But if that's a must, then it is the lowest-cost SIM with 150GB data or more. Here's where else you can get a lower price:

We also like their £10 for 50GB plan

Sky Mobile SIM only deal
SIM only
a month
🛈 No mid-contract price rises

Unlimited mins and 50GB data See full deal

at sky.com
(opens in new window)

If that's more data than you need, another option for you on Sky, is their 12‑month SIM below, which costs £10 a month for 50GB data and comes with unlimited minutes and texts:

It's currently the best priced 50GB data or more SIM only deal on a provider using the O2 network, even if you can beat it on price if you're open to ones not on O2. See who's offering it for less here:

Their 15GB for £7 SIM is another good option

Sky Mobile SIM only deal
SIM only
a month
🛈 No mid-contract price rises

Unlimited mins and 15GB data See full deal

at sky.com
(opens in new window)

For less data to use each month, Sky have got a £7 deal on SIM only we think's worth looking at. It gets you 15GB data, unlimited minutes and texts and it's a 12‑month plan:

It's actually possible to beat this deal if you're not fussed whether your SIM is with a provider using the O2 network. But if you are, it is the current best-priced option. Here's where you can beat it on other networks:

Compare all SIM only plans

Compare deals from all networks

How Sky Mobile's deals compare with other networks

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Added features

How Sky Mobile compare

How Sky Mobile’s SIM only prices and benefits stack up

Sky logo with rating stars

We go into more detail in our reviewRead our full review

at simsherpa.com
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In our Sky Mobile review we rated them highly for giving you full access to O2’s excellent network for call signal and 5G coverage, while offering lots of nice benefits on top (see our O2 vs Sky Mobile review here).

Their SIM plans are all on 12-month contracts and they don’t offer unlimited data plans, so they don’t offer as much choice as some networks. But there’s still a wide range of plans (find their best deals here).

Sky’s best value deals tend to be their mid-range data deals. They’re a cheaper way of getting onto the O2 network than going with O2 directly while also offering some great benefits that O2 don’t:

They offer an excellent unlimited free streaming data scheme on Sky TV apps and a great data rollover scheme that lets you keep data for 3 years. And you can gift data to other users on your account if need be.

Useful link: Read our full Sky Mobile review

What else you should know about Sky Mobile’s SIM only plans

Sky Mobile's network map

Check their coverage map in your areaCheck local coverage

at sky.com
(opens in new window)

You’ll get your SIM package within 1-3 working days of ordering. Your SIM package will come with each size of SIM to put into any phone. You can’t get an eSIM on Sky yet (these networks offer them).

Once your SIM card arrives, you have 14 days to cancel your SIM to get a full refund if you’re not happy with it. Here are the full details on how to do that.

To get on a Sky Mobile SIM only contract you’ll have to pass a credit check. There’s no way to pay as you go or buy a monthly bundle to avoid this.

If you want to switch from another network to Sky while keeping your number, you’ll have to request a PAC from your old network and send it to Sky. Here’s their full guide on how to do it.

Useful link: Compare all Sky SIMs

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