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Visual Voicemail: the UK mobile networks that support it best

Mobile antenna and a voicemail icon

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Here are the mobile networks in the UK that do and don't support the visual voicemail feature on iPhone and other Android models. Last updated: 1st August 2023.

Networks that support visual voicemail

Not every main UK network offers visual voicemail

EE logoO2 logoVodafone logo

Three oddly don’t include it

If you’re an iPhone user wanting visual voicemail, you can choose from three of the main four UK networks (and some smaller providers). If you’re on Android, there’s still no widespread support from UK networks.

Vodafone support visual voicemail for iPhone on all their plans (pay monthly and pay as you go). See their guide on how to set it up here. There’s no official support for Android phones though.

O2 also officially support visual voicemail on iPhone. We’ve also seen some forum users claim it works on their Android too, though O2 don’t officially say so. It does not work on pay as you go however.

EE also officially support it on iPhone (but not Android). You have to set this up manually (follow the instructions here). It only works on pay monthly phones and SIMs though, they don’t offer it on Pay As You Go.

Some smaller virtual operators include visual voicemail

VOXI logoSky Mobile logo

Get the feature on lower cost plans

It's not necessarily the case that you have to join one of the big more-expensive main networks to have visual voicemail active, you can also get it on a couple of cheaper providers that piggyback on them:

VOXI are a sub-brand of Vodafone. Their SIM only plans work very similarly to being on a Pay As You Go plan on Vodafone in terms of extra network features. As such, VOXI support visual voicemail on all plans.

They offer cheaper 1-month plans, with no credit check and some really nice additional benefits too, like unlimited social media data and even unlimited video streaming for particular apps on most plans.

Sky Mobile use O2’s network and also include visual voicemail. They seem to say they support some Android models too, mostly Samsung Galaxy models, (check if your device is supported here).

Networks that don't support visual voicemail

Three and many others don’t have visual voicemail

Three logoVirgin Mobile logoTesco Mobile logoiD Mobile logo

These networks don’t support it

Despite it being offered as a feature on iPhones for way over a decade, Three don’t support visual voicemail. They’re the only main UK network that don’t and it’s not clear if they will at any point in the future.

It means none of the virtual operators that use the Three network offer it either. So there's no visual voicemail on iD Mobile, Honest, SMARTY or Superdrug.

Despite O2 offering the feature, you can't get it on providers that use their network like giffgaff, Tesco Mobile or Lycamobile. And despite being a fairly large network Virgin Mobile don’t offer it either.

The rest of the providers on Vodafone’s network don’t support visual voicemail. That includes Virgin Mobile, Talkmobile, ASDA Mobile and Lebara. And EE-users 1pMobile and Co-op Mobile don’t offer it either.

Useful link: Compare SIM only on networks with visual voicemail

SIM only plans with visual voicemail



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