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Various logos of UK mobile networks

January Sale SIM only offers 2020:
plenty of deals still live

SIM card with sale labels

The retailers featured on this page may compensate us when our readers follow links to their websites and make a purchase. More

We picked through every UK mobile network's January Sales on SIM only plans to find the best deals this year. Here's what we found. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide. Last updated: 14th January 2020

Our January Sale 2020 SIM only deal guide

We're rating 2020's January Sale SIM only offers

Banners from January sales

Most networks all ready have offers live

If your contract's up for renewal in the next month or so, you'll most likely be able to benefit from each mobile network's January sales on SIM only, some of which are still available.

In the guide below, we've rated the best deals available for different data needs.

We've also looked at every mobile network's offers to find the best ones, if you've got a particular provider you want to join.

Or why not just compare all deals at once with our price comparison tool?

Our best-rated offers

SIM card with sale tag Unlimited data SIM only offers

Three have the best unlimited data prices

Three's Unlimtied Sale

See hidden offer

(opens in new window)

Three's two unlimited data SIMs below were available long before any January Sales launched but they're still two best-priced plans on the market:

Out of the two, we'd go for the 12-month hidden deal. Over the full contract, it does work out 50p a month more expensive than the 24-month one, but once you're out of contract, it's better to be paying £18 rather than £20.

For more flexibility, Three's no-frills brand SMARTY have excellent pricing on this 1-month unlimited data SIM:

Here are the best unlimited data SIM only plans from other networks that don't quite beat the deals above:

Useful link: Compare all plans

SIM card with sale tag Big data SIMs (30GB and up)

SMARTY have a world-beating low price

SMARTY 30GB for £10 deal

Get this deal

(opens in new window)

The 30GB SIM only deal below from SMARTY isn't actually a January Sale offer but it does beat every other network for price in this category:

SMARTY are a low-cost no-frills brand by Three and use their network for coverage (check your signal here everywhere you use your phone).

The other standout January Sale offers in this category do need you to commit to longer contracts but are decent value nonetheless:

These deals with over 30GB didn't quite make it into our rankings:

Useful link: Compare all plans

SIM card with sale tag Medium data SIM only offers (8GB+)

There's no beating Three's 8GB for £8

Three 8GB for £8 offer

Get this deal

(opens in new window)

This hidden SIM only offer from Three is going to be hard for any other network to beat:

Although this offer from Virgin Mobile could be worth investing the extra £1 in, because it's on the superior EE network with better speeds and coverage (check here) than Three:

Here are more SIM only deals with 8GB or over from other UK mobile networks:

Useful link: Compare all plans

SIM card with sale tag Deals with moderate data (3GB+)

Sky Mobile have our favourite January Sale offer

Sky Mobile January SIM only deal

Get this deal

(opens in new window)

There's a clear winner in the 3GB and up category. And it's Sky Mobile, who have discounted their 3GB plan from an unrealistic £12 a month to just £6:

You don't have to have Sky at home to join. Sky uses the O2 network (check coverage here). And it lets you stream Sky TV apps without eating into your data. Order by 30th Jan.

This was a very good 1-month deal from iD Mobile, using the Three network (now expired):

These 3GB+ SIM only deals didn't quite make it into our rankings:

Useful link: Compare all plans

SIM card with sale tag SIM only deals with small data (500MB+)

Plenty of choice available

Talkmobile £5 deal

Get this deal

(opens in new window)

There's a lot of competition for really cheap, small data deals between the low-cost providers that use other's networks for signal.

iD's deals here stand out as good value on the Three network (check signal here):

Talkmobile on the Vodafone network (check their signal here) also have a decent deal here if you're more interested in lots of minutes, instead of much data:

And this Basics deal from Vodafone is cheap, as long as you're happy with not having any roaming at all, no WiFi calling or 4G calling either:

Useful link: Compare all plans

Each network's offers

Choose a mobile network

Here are the best January Sale SIM only deals each network has or what we predict they'll launch:

Three logo
BT Mobile logo
EE logo
giffgaff logo
ID logo
O2 logo
Virgin Mobile logo
Vodafone logo
VOXI logo

Three: strong offers still available

Three's £18 unlimited data SIM

Hidden deal from ThreeGet this deal

(opens in new window)

Expected launch date: Unknown
Expected end date: Unknown
Order now or wait?: Safe to order

We were right in thinking Three were going to stick with their pre-January batch of special offers, which have basically remained live since Black Friday, and not launch any January Sale specific deals.

This hidden 8GB for £8 SIM only plan has been incredibly popular:

Or for a fraction more each month, you can get their 12GB plan below, which comes with the additional benefit of Go Binge unlimited streaming data for all these apps:

And there's the ever-popular hidden unlimited data deal here, which gets you better pricing than what's advertised directly at

We don't have any end-date information for any of these deals yet. We would expect them to remain available throughout the January Sales period.

Useful link: Three's SIM only offers page

BT Mobile: free wireless headphones and great prices

ExpiredBT Mobile free headphones

JBL wireless noise-cancelling headphonesSee current deals

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 13th December 2019
End date: 16th January 2020
Order now or wait?: Expired

BT Mobile's SIM only offers in the January Sale period were live from 12th December to 16th January and focused on competitive pricing on their big data SIMs.

If you ordered a more-expensive plan BT would've sent you a free pair of JBL Wireless headphones (£129 RRP) automatically after 30 days - you didn't have to claim them manually (BT broadband customer pricing).

On 17th January, BT removed the headphones offer and brought back their pre-paid Mastercard deals. Some SIM only plans now allow you to claim a BT Reward Card worth up to £80.

Useful link: BT's offers page

EE: solid pricing on 18-month big data SIMs

EE January Sale 2020

Order by 30th January 2020See current offers

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 24th December 2019
End date: 28th January 2020
Order now or wait?: Safe to order

As expected, EE have focussed their January Sale SIM only offers on plans with large amounts of data. The best pricing is on their 18-month contracts. Here are the standout deals:

If you're after less data and don't want to commit to a long contract, EE's Flex SIMs still have a triple data offer for your first six months if you order by 30th January:

Useful link: EE's best deals page

giffgaff: we're not expecting anything special on SIM only

giffgaff's £5 free credit offer

There's always their free joining creditGet £5 free credit

(opens in new window)

Expected launch date: None
Order now or wait?: We'd wait

giffgaff are fairly cheap year-round and you can already get £5 free credit with them when you join via our special invite page here. In January their SIM only prices probably aren't going to get much lower.

They have to be careful about bold giveaways for new customers, because having only 30-day plans means all their existing customers can also move easily on to any new deal.

For that reason, the January sale season has usually been pretty uneventful for giffgaff in the past. They could again offer slight discounts on phones or possibly bring back the £10 free credit deal from summer 2019.

If you want to join giffgaff on a SIM only, your best shot at squeezing some extra value out of your deal is to use our free £5 credit offer here, with your first £10 top up or goodybag purchase.

Useful link: giffgaff's SIM only range

iD Mobile: decent value as usual in January Sales period

iD Mobile hidden offer banner

Hidden planGet hidden deal

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 20th December 2019
Expected end date: 15th January 2020
Order now or wait?: Probably safe to order

iD Mobile changed their offers on SIM only plans on 20th December mildly, but they aren't shouting about it as if it's a huge winter sale. Which makes sense as they're pretty mild discounts off their already cheap pricing.

Because of iD's low starting prices, we were never going to see any drastic discounts on SIM only during January but these are all extremely competitive.

Useful link: iD Mobile's special offers page

O2's three months half price Winter Sale SIM only offers

O2 Winter Sale banner

O2's 2020 January offersSee current SIM offers

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 23rd December 2019
End date: 5th February 2020
Order now or wait?: Safe to order

O2 launched their Winter Sale on SIM only on 23rd December and it lasts right up until 5th February. They've got some useful three months half price offers across their range:

Useful link: O2's Winter Sale page

Plusnet Mobile: good value on hidden offers

ExpiredPlusnet Mobile Reward Card

2019's Reward Card offerSee hidden deal

(opens in new window)

Expected launch date: Various per plan
Expected end date: Various per plan
Order now or wait?: Expired

Plusnet are always a good place to pick up a low-cost SIM only deal during promotional times of the year like the January Sales.

They had a hidden offer available until 8th January:

These plans are available to choose from now:

Useful link: Plusnet's SIM only deals page

Sky Mobile: superb January Sale pricing on their 3GB plan

Sky Mobile January SIM only deal

3GB for just £6 a monthSee current offers

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 24th December 2019
End date: 30th January 2020
Order now or wait?: Safe to order

Sky Mobile's January Sale has been running since Christmas eve and it sees the return of this incredibly good value 3GB for £6 deal:

It's impressive value considering it comes with the added benefit of free data for streaming Sky TV apps on your mobile, as much as you like.

Their other standout deal is decent value, even if it's not the very cheapest price in the UK for 9GB:

Useful link: Sky's general offers page

SMARTY: we'd be surprised if they got any cheaper

SMARTY unlimited data plan

The most of data for £10 we've witnessedGet this deal

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 17th December 2019
Expected end date: unknown
Order now or wait?: We'd order now

In mid-December 2019, SMARTY refreshed their SIM only plan pricing with some unbelievably cheap deals:

They're very much leading the race to offer cheaper big data plans, so we'd be pretty surprised to see prices dip much further for the January sales.

If they did come out with something, we'd say the most likely to re-appear would be a lower price on the unlimited data plan. There have been a few flash sales on that which brought it down to just £18.75 a month.

SMARTY tend to run their offers for a few weeks to a month. So if they were to launch a January sale it'd probably pop up after Christmas and run through much of January.

Useful link: SMARTY's current SIM only plans

Tesco Mobile: decent discounts and cheaper 24-month deals

Tesco Mobile January sale SIM only

Quite a few new deals for January SaleSee the offers

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 30th December 2019
Expected end date: late January 2020 (TBC)
Order now or wait?: Safe to order

Periods like Black Friday and January Sales are always the times to buy if you've been thinking of joining Tesco Mobile as they throw more than usual at their offers.

All of these January Sale SIMs stack up well against the competition:

Or if you're willing to commit to a whole two years, Tesco have just introduced these 24-month SIMs that save you £1 a month vs their equivalent 12-month contracts:

After promotional periods like January, Tesco's deals usually do return to regular pricing, so it's definitely worth joining this month to get a better deal.

Useful link: Tesco Mobile's special offers page

Virgin Mobile: some good value deals already available

Virgin Mobile 8GB SIM only offer

Virgin's 8GB January dealGet deal now

(opens in new window)

Expected launch date: 20th December 2019
Expected end date: 3rd February 2020
Order now or wait?: We'd order now

There's never not a series of decent offers available on Virgin Mobile, like the current deals below which are available until 3rd February 2020:

We've come to expect some deep offers from Virgin during seasonal sales on SIM only, across multiple prices and data allowances. In the past they've launched a huge 200GB for £20 SIM.

Although their current offers are already quite competitive, there's a chance they'll have a short flash sale with headline-grabbing prices, perhaps on the unlimited data plan.

Virgin are definitely one to watch.

Useful link: Virgin's special offers page

Vodafone: double data on gigabyte plans

Vodafone unlimited data SIM only deals

Double data on several plansSee the deals

(opens in new window)

Launch date: 20th December 2019
Expected end date: varies per plan - 2nd or 30th January
Order now or wait?: We'd order now

Vodafone used to concentrate more on phone contracts during their seasonal promotions but recently we've happily noticed a bit more promotional activity on SIM only plans.

Last year they launched a winter sale just before Christmas and this year they have followed suit with a double data sale that launched on 20th December 2019 including these plans:

The double data offer is only valid on 18-month SIM only contracts. The 40GB deal expired 2nd January but you've got until 30th January to order the 10GB and 2GB plans.

In 2019, Vodafone introduced some very popular unlimited data SIMs. We thought they might reduce the prices of these a bit in the winter sales as they did briefly in November 2019, but there's no sign of that yet.

We think it will also be worth looking at Fonehouse for Vodafone offers this January, as we expect they will have some large automatic cashback offers you can't get via Vodafone's own website.

Useful link: Vodafone's deals and offers page

VOXI: data boosts available now

VOXI winter sale

VOXI have occasional data boostsSee current plans

(opens in new window)

Launch date: available now
Expected end date: 19th February 2020

VOXI's Winter Sale offers boosted data on two of their SIM only plans with Endless Social Media data:

Their 45GB plan isn't boosted but still offers good value:

We've never seen them offer much more than small data boost promotions on these plans, so we'd say you're safe to order now without missing out on anything better from VOXI.

Useful link: VOXI's full plan range

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