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Shared mobile plans for family and friends: each UK network compared

Family phone contracts and SIM only

We reveal who offers discounts on additional phone contracts or SIM only plans for family and friends or lets you share data across one account. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide. Last updated: 11th June 2018

Shared mobile plans explained

There are two types of mobile sharer or family plans

Here's how they work and what there benefits are

Green number 1 Family plans that give you discounts on extra deals

Mobile networks with family plans

Discounts for taking multiple contracts

This type of shared mobile plan is easiest to understand:

You take out one main deal, either a phone contract or a SIM only deal. You then add extra plans for other people and receive a monthly discount or extra perk in return.

This is the most common type of shared family plan. We think they are the best type of shared deal for squeezing value for money out of mobile contracts.

Use the link below to skip to the section of this article where we rate each provider for the discounts on extra deals they give.

Useful link: Skip to family deals that discount extra plans you add

Green number 2 Sharer plans that let you split data between people

Data sharing plan example

Share data between other plans on your account

The other type of shared plan is less about pure money-saving but more about convenience and make sure you avoid extra charges on your account.

These let you share data between plans. So that people who need more data get it, and people who need less data don’t waste it.

There’s quite a bit of variation in how these work, and how flexible and useful they actually are.

In the section on data-sharing plans, we pick through the mobile networks offering this type of deal and rank them according to how good the scheme is.

Useful link: Skip to networks offering data-sharing plans

Plans with discounts for taking extra deals

1st: BT Mobile’s Family SIMs - a straightforward 20% discount off each extra SIM

Shared plans on BT Mobile

There's now a uniform 20% on each extra SIMSee BT's Family plans

(opens in a new window)

What we like:
Green plus sign Save 20% for every extra SIM you add
Green plus sign Additional SIMs are on short 30-day plans
Green plus sign Add to a phone or a SIM only contract
Green plus sign Manage from one account or separately

What we don't like:
Red minus sign Everyone has to have the same plan
Red minus sign You can’t add phone contracts and save money

We rate BT Mobile's Family SIMs as the best discounted shared plan because they offer straightforward savings and they're the most flexible to manage.

You start with one main contract for either a phone or a SIM only. You can then add up to 4x more discounted SIMs immediately or later. These are on 30-day plans - so give you lots of flexibility.

Each extra SIM you add saves you an extra 20% against the total cost. If you took the biggest available plans, that discount can add up to £360 a year (£30 a month).

The only real drawbacks of BT’s scheme are that everyone has to join on the same plan (you can’t pick 1GB here, 12GB there) and that you can only add SIMs: there are no discounts/rewards on extra phones.

Don't miss BT’s Reward Card offers when you first sign up, to get even more value out of your overall deal.

Useful link: See Family SIM pricing at

Our ranking:

Discounts on:
Extra SIM only plans

Main contract has to be:
Phone or SIM only

Max extra plans on one account:
4x extra, 5 in total

2nd: Tesco Mobile’s Family Perks - the most flexible scheme

Tesco Mobile Family Perks

Change the Perk you receive each monthSee available Perks

What we like:
Green plus sign Perks apply to any additional contract you add
Green plus sign Change which perk you want every month

What we don't like:
Red minus sign Too many tiers and rules for perk sizes
Red minus sign Underwhelming money-off discounts

Our second favourite scheme is Tesco Mobile’s Family Perks, which offers a choice of monthly discounts, extra Clubcard points or bonus minutes/data on each and every pay monthly plan you add to your main account.

In some ways these even beat BT’s Family SIMs. For instance, you’re flexible to add either phones or SIMs to get Family Perks (on BT it’s only SIMs). And everyone’s not all forced to be on exactly the same usage plan.

But overall the monetary value of the perks isn’t as high. If you choose money back, you’ll get 50p, £1 or £2 off a month depending on cost of your deal, which even the smallest discount on BT’s cheapest plan beats.

What you might find more useful is the choice of up to 1GB bonus data or 500 extra minutes, because you could make a monetary saving by picking a smaller plan and adding the Family Perk bonuses to that.

One really nice touch is that you can decide to change which Family Perk you want each month. So if you’re not using the extra data bonus for example, you could swap it for minutes or money off.

Useful links: Family Perks FAQs | Terms and conditions at

Our ranking:

Discounts/bonuses on:
Extra phone contracts, SIM only plans

Main contract has to be:
Phone or SIM only

Max extra plans on one account:
4x extra, 5 in total

3rd: Vodafone offer a flat 15% discount off additional contracts

Vodafone's discounts on extra plans

Save 15% on each extra pay monthly dealSee discounts

What we like:
Green plus sign Simple easy-to-calculate discounts
Green plus sign Applies to phones, SIMs, tablets and dongles

What we don't like:
Red minus sign Pricing can be expensive in the first place

Our next best-rated scheme is Vodafone’s as it’s simple and offers some of the chunkiest straight-up discounts.

Join Vodafone on a phone, SIM only or tablet/mobile data dongle deal with a contract length of at least 12 months and you can add up to 9 additional products to your account, each with a 15% discount.

It’s really that simple and that’s why we like it. The additional products can be anything pay monthly deal including: an extra phone, SIM only plan, tablet or mobile broadband device (read full terms here).

You add the extra plans at any time: just make sure you log in to your Vodafone account when you purchase.

Useful links: 15% off these phones | 15% off these SIM only plans | 15% off tablets | 15% off 4G dongles

Our ranking:

Discounts/bonuses on:
Extra phone contracts, SIM only, iPads / tablets, 4G dongles

Main contract has to be:
12-month or longer SIM only or phone contract

Max extra plans on one account:
9 extra, 10 in total

4th: EE give a straight 10% discount on every additional plan

EE family discounts

Discounts on extra phones, SIMs, tablets and donglesSee latest deals

What we like:
Green plus sign Simple easy-to-calculate discounts
Green plus sign Applies to phones, SIMs, tablets and dongles

What we don't like:
Red minus sign Pricing can be expensive in the first place

Our fourth best rated scheme comes from EE and can be combined with their data-sharing plans described further down the page:

EE's method of rewarding you for taking out multiple contracts on one account is practically identical to Vodafone's but the discount is lower at 10% (on Vodafone, it's 15%).

You'll need to take out either a 12-month SIM only or 24-month phone contract at full price first. Then once you're a customer, log in to see the improved prices on additional phones, SIMs, tablets and mobile broadband.

Useful link: Example deals for EE existing customers at

Our ranking:

Discounts/bonuses on:
Extra phone contracts, SIM only, iPads / tablets, Mobile WiFi

Main contract has to be:
12-month or longer SIM only or phone contract

Max extra plans on one account:
4 extra, 5 in total

5th: Three waive upfront fees and reduce monthly costs

Discounts on Three for friends and family

Save on any extra pay monthly dealsSee Three's savings

What we like:
Green plus sign Valuable savings, particularly on upfront costs
Green plus sign Applies to phones, SIMs, tablets and dongles

What we don't like:
Red minus sign Discounts different for every plan or device
Red minus sign Some savings as low as £1 a month

Generally speaking, Three’s regular full price plans will work out cheaper than the other major networks EE, O2 and Vodafone in the first place but you can still get a discount if you take multiple contracts from Three too.

As long as you’re on a 1-month, 12-month SIM only plan or 24-month phone contract with Three, you can add extra phone contracts with a £0-£2 monthly discount vs the regular price, usually with upfront costs waived too.

If you’re interested in adding a SIM only plan, Three have a selection of tariffs reduced by £2 against the new-customer price. There’s also mobile broadband and tablets too with savings attached.

You can add the extra plans at any point in your contract or at the same time as you sign up for your main deal.

Decent discounts and general flexibility makes Three’s extra plans one of our highest-rated schemes.

Useful link: Full terms and conditions at

Our ranking:

Discounts/bonuses on:
Extra phone contracts, SIM only, iPads / tablets, Mobile WiFi

Main contract has to be:
Any length SIM only contract or phone contract

Max extra plans on one account:
4 extra, 5 in total

6th: O2 give you up to 50% off part of extra phone contracts

O2 Family plan

Increasing discounts per extra phone contractSee O2's Family Plan

What we like:
Green plus sign Discounts on up to 20 devices (phones or tablets)
Green plus sign Maximum possible savings work out pretty large

What we don't like:
Red minus sign Doesn't apply to SIM only (phones/tablets only)
Red minus sign Discount only on the airtime part of phone deal
Red minus sign Savings in tiers from as little as 20% of airtime

On paper, discounts of up to 50% on extra phone or tablet contracts would seem like the best of all the multi-plan deals available but to understand why it’s not, you need to look at how O2 Refresh deals are structured:

They’re made up of two parts: a payment for the cost of your phone, and a payment for your monthly airtime (minutes, texts and data). The discount only applies to that second part; not to the cost of the phone.

Imagine a monthly deal that normally costs £20 for the phone + £20 for the airtime=£40. A 50% airtime discount only makes the total cost £30 (£20 + £10) rather than £20 (50% of £40) as you might first expect.

Then when you consider saving on the first phone’s airtime contract is 20% (see all discount levels here), it quickly becomes even less impressive. There are also no discounts to be had on SIM only or tablets.

That said, if a family all wants to be on O2 for a phone/tablet, the discount is always going to come in handy.

Useful link: Read Family Plan terms and conditions at

Our ranking:

Discounts/bonuses on:
Extra phone contracts or tablets only (no SIMs or mobile broadband)

Main contract has to be:
An O2 Refresh phone contract

Max extra plans on one account:
20 extra, 21 in total

Last: Every other mobile network in the UK!

No shared mobile contracts on these networks

No shared plans on these networks

There are no types of sharer/family plans on any of these networks: giffgaff, iD Mobile, Plusnet Mobile, The People's Operator or Virgin Mobile.

But that doesn't mean these should be a write-off for you if you want to get your whole family or a group of friends on one network. These providers may still work out cheaper even without any extra discounts.

If you're specifically interested in additional SIM only plans, we'd recommend doing a check on all providers' prices first using our comparison tool:

Useful link: Compare SIM only deals using our comparison tool.

Plans that let you share data

1st: EE's Data Gifting is the simplest data-sharing system

EE data gifting

Move around spare data on EEHow data gifting works

What we like:
Green plus sign Everyone just has a normal pay monthly plan
Green plus sign You can share anybody's data with anybody else
Green plus sign It works for existing customers
Green plus sign You can add new people to your account whenever

What we don't like:
Red minus sign EE plans can be quite expensive

EE's new Data Gifting scheme gets our top spot among data-sharing plans, because it's the simplest system to understand and actually use.

It lets you transfer chunks of data from any pay monthly deal on your account to any other, as and when you need to. It works both on phone contracts and SIM only plans.

So if one member of your family's running low and another has some spare, you simply move the data between them. And you avoid extra charges for going over your limit.

Where EE have the edge over other providers is that you're all just on normal pay monthly plans. You don't have to sign up to any special joint plans, and people can be added to your account whenever you like.

Useful link: Read EE's full guide to data gifting on their official site.

2nd: O2's Sharer Plans let you split your data with others

O2 data sharing plans

Share data between 10 devices on O2How it works

What we like:
Green plus sign Split data with 10 other people on O2
Green plus sign Existing customers can share too

What we don't like:
Red minus sign Lead device has to be a phone (can't be SIM only)
Red minus sign Hard to calculate any overall savings up front

As we say in our introduction, we don't think data-sharing plans are a great way of directly saving money. But we do think they can be handy when you use them to offload data you're not using to people who will use it.

We'd say O2's Sharer Plans are the second best scheme in the UK for doing this.

You'll need one main plan that has the data you want to share with others. This has to be an O2 Refresh phone or tablet deal bought from O2 direct (on EE it can be a SIM only plan).

Existing O2 customers can activate data-sharing using these instructions. Then it's just a matter of choosing your other pay monthly O2 phone or SIM only plans that you want to share data with.

Useful link: Read O2's full guide to data-sharing on their official site.

3rd: Sky Mobile let you share data leftover from prior months

Sharer plans on Sky Mobile

It's only your unused data you can shareRead Sky's full guide

What we like:
Green plus sign Avoids wasting data you’ve paid for
Green plus sign Share it with up to 4 other people

What we don't like:
Red minus sign It’s only your leftover data you can share
Red minus sign Plans don’t have a huge amount of data anyway

If you didn’t know already, one of the main benefits of joining Sky Mobile is that they let you keep any data that you’ve not used up each month. We actually rate Sky as having the best data rollover plans in the UK.

Spare data gets added to your ‘Piggybank’ (like a savings account for data). If you’re ever low, you can take some out of your Piggybank to keep you going until the end of the month. You can store data up to 3 years.

An added benefit to all this comes if you have multiple plans on one account with Sky Mobile. Because then any of the users on the account can take data out of a joint Piggybank that everyone can access.

So if you have one person not using all their data but someone else who is, it all evens out across the group. This isn’t pure data-sharing because it’s only leftover data but it still just about fits the bill as a sharer plan for us.

Useful link: Read our full Sky Mobile review

4th: Vodafone’s Red+ plans let you share data with 9 people

Vodafone Red+ sharer plans

New Vodafone customers can't get itRead why not

What we like:
Green plus sign Chance to offload and not waste surplus data
Green plus sign Full control over what each user gets

What we don't like:
Red minus sign No longer available to new customers
Red minus sign Pricing hard to calculate up front
Red minus sign Pain to manage and administer

Probably due to the reasons we’ve written in the intro, Vodafone no longer sell their data sharer plans to new customers. These Red+ plans used to let you take out multiple plans and share data between them.

If you’re an existing Vodafone customer and took out your main plan between 5th May 2016 and 11th April 2017, you can still get your contract converted to a Red+ one, as long as your deal comes with at least 1GB data.

You’re able to share the data allowance with up to 9 people. To arrange this, you’ll need to speak to someone from Vodafone over the phone as you can’t do this online (number on page here).

As you can’t get these deals any more, we can only place Vodafone’s scheme 4th (their existing customer discounts are probably better than this scheme anyway).

Useful link: How to get Red+ if you're a Vodafone customer

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