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Virgin Mobile Family Plans explained: get a £2 discount on extra SIMs

Virgin Mobile logo with family icon

The retailers featured on this page may compensate us when our readers follow links to their websites and make a purchase. More

We review how Virgin Mobile's new Family Plans work, their benefits and disadvantages, plus how they compare with other networks. SIM Sherpa is your trusty guide. Last updated: 3rd December 2020.

How they work

Get a £2 monthly discount on up to 4x extra SIMs

Virgin Mobile Family SIM cards

Add to an existing Virgin Mobile accountRead FAQs here

(opens in new window)

Get monthly discounts for taking out multiple SIMs on the same mobile account with Virgin Mobile’s Family Plans. Each SIM gives you £2 off (totalling £24 a year per SIM).

To sign-up, you just need to live in a household with Virgin Media Broadband or TV services and have an existing 12-month SIM only plan or Freestyle phone contract with Virgin Mobile (or buy one).

Once you’ve ticked all of those boxes, simply head over to Virgin Mobile’s regular SIM only plans here, choose your plan and add the SIM to an existing mobile account at checkout.

You’ll get the £2 a month discount on the SIM once you’ve done all of the above. There are also a few extra benefits, which we’ll go through a bit later in our guide.

Useful link: Read Virgin's press release

Benefits of Virgin's Family Plans

Extra savings on already cheap SIM only deals

Phone and

Save up to £96 a year with 4x SIMsSee plan prices

(opens in new window)

Virgin have a great-value overall package when it comes to both their phone contracts and SIM only plans. You can read all about it in our full Virgin Mobile review.

Their SIM only plans are already low-priced and Virgin use EE’s network, so you’re getting access to the UK’s biggest and fastest 4G network (check their signal near you here). And 5G’s coming too.

Virgin also give you a few nice extra benefits to add even more value to your plan, like free data for messaging via Whatsapp, data rollover and free WiFi at millions of their hotspots.

Multiple family members can be added to your account as long as they are already in contract. You don’t have to buy the extra SIMs all at once - just as and when you need them.

Useful link: Read our Virgin Mobile network review

They include a free 3-month trial of F-Secure Safe

A phone with screen time over message

Keep your family safe onlineSee all features

(opens in new window)

Offering ways to safeguard children and teenagers’ activities online is a growing trend for mobile and broadband providers. Virgin have clearly thought about this too.

Any of their pay monthly plans get you a genuinely free trial to F-Secure Safe for 3 months (see bottom of this page). This fits nicely with their Family Plans too (although it's not a benefit unique to them).

Using the F-Secure app, you can set time limits on internet access and immobilise selected apps at specific times for devices on your account. This way, your kids won’t be permanently glued to the phone all day long.

Keep an eye on your children’s online activities by monitoring which apps they’re installing. You’ll also have a choice of several pre-set profiles, which allow you to customise and control the type of internet content that your children see, including videos.

This optional extra is there for you if you want it. It is completely free for 3 months, so you can give it a try without any commitment or the worry of uncovering any hidden costs. If you decide to stick with it, then it will cost you just £3 a month (or £30 per year).

Useful link: Learn more about F-Secure Safe

Pay for multiple plans under one account

Four phones calling each other

Unlimited calls between your numbersHow billing works

(opens in new window)

If you’re the main bill payer, you can manage and view all the additional plans on your account either online or via the My Virgin Mobile app. Each member of your family can also look at their own plan in the same way.

You'll get a combined monthly bill if you have multiple plans on one single account. This should make things simpler than having to pay for separate plans with different providers.

Home services and mobile ones can’t be managed in the same place though. And these are billed separately too.

As a Virgin Media customer, you'll also get unlimited calls between each of the mobile numbers on your account, even if the plan itself has fewer minutes as standard.

Useful link: See current Virgin Mobile offers

Disadvantages of Virgin's Family Plans

Extra Family Plan SIMs are on 12/24 month contracts

Shorter deals would be preferable

The extra SIM only plans that you can add to your account are just Virgin’s regular deals, so you're restricted to 12 and 24-month contracts. We'd have liked to see more flexibility built in.

We think that families would appreciate a plan that allows them to add/remove SIMs with little notice. Looking at other network providers, BT's similar Family Plans, offer the additional SIMs on more flexible 30-day contracts.

There's no fancy other features on Virgin Mobile like you get on other mobile networks. EE's data gifting lets you share unused data between family members. So if someone runs out, you don't need to pay extra.

Useful link: Mobile networks with Family plans

Only Virgin Media Broadband/TV customers benefit

Shimmering Virgin Media logo and caption

It's only for Virgin Media customersSee other benefits

(opens in new window)

If you don't have Virgin Media you can't get Family Plans - even if you already have Virgin Mobile. This is because Family Plans is a benefit that's exclusive to their Virgin Media Broadband and TV customers.

We can kind of see why they’re doing this. They want something special to lure in their own broadband customers like BT and Sky do for theirs. But we think that this will annoy a few long-term Virgin Mobile customers.

And Virgin Mobile do actually check you're a genuine Virgin Media customer before you can sign up to any of their deals, so there are no cheeky workarounds to the rule either.

Useful link: Full Family Plan terms and conditions

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